Beach time! Elli AvrRam, Deanne Panday's fun-filled vacation in the Maldives will make you jealous

Updated: 07 November, 2020 10:52 IST | Nikita Wagh
  • Elli AvrRam, Deanne Panday in Maldives

    Elli AvrRam and Deanne Panday were on vacation to the beautiful island of Maldives. The two posted some amazing photos and videos of jet-skiing, fun in the jacuzzi, enjoying a floating meal and basking in the beauty of nature. Deanne Panday shared this picture on Instagram and wrote alongside, "Two mad hatters [sic]" (All photos/Elli AvrRam and Deanne Panday's official Instagram accounts)

  • Elli AvrRam, Deanne Panday in Maldives

    Elli AvrRam left us all drooling over her hot physique. She shared this picture, where she is sporting a fitted crop top and printed bikini bottoms. Elli wrote in her caption, "Give me the Sun and the Sea, and a little spot, to just be - anonymous [sic]"

  • Elli AvrRam, Deanne Panday in Maldives

    Isn't Elli AvrRam looking fab? The bikini and her sun-kissed body will make you run to the gym right now!

  • Elli AvrRam, Deanne Panday in Maldives

    Deanne Panday, too, left no stone unturned to make the most of her travels. In a photo, shared by the fitness enthusiast, she flaunted her toned legs, sporting a swimsuit and a flowy black cape. Deanne looked comfy and at ease as she posed on the beach.

  • Elli AvrRam, Deanne Panday in Maldives

    "Pop pink is the new Black. (My love for trees never stops) [sic]" Deanne wrote in the caption, as she shared this gorgeous picture of hers, wearing a Seema Khan creation.

  • Elli AvrRam, Deanne Panday in Maldives

    In the picture, Elli, sitting on a coconut tree, looks sultry in a pair of printed hot pants and a tank top with her hair let loose. "I heard it's Halloween... Watch out for the flying witch riding thea stick. [sic]" wrote Elli in her caption.

  • Elli AvrRam, Deanne Panday in Maldives

    Well, Deanne Panday also did some kayaking, her "workout" session in the exotic locale. She shared a bunch of gorgeous pictures, soaking in the sun, enjoying kayaking, along with a note, which read: "Kayaking is a water sport that involves using a double-bladed oar to paddle a small boat called a kayak. I used a glass bottom kayak so you can see the sea life under while sweating away. An hour of kayaking happily through the waters can help anyone burn four hundred calories. To elaborate on that, three hours of kayaking can burn up to 1200 calories. It is for this reason that kayaking is one of the top exercises that burn more calories than the traditional weight loss workout which is jogging. Its great strength work, but another added benefit is the aerobic exercise. Pick up the pace and elevate your heart rate to see cardio benefits without an elliptical or treadmill"

  • Elli AvrRam, Deanne Panday in Maldives

    Breakfast is one of the favourite parts of one's vacation! Deanne Panday and Elli AvrRam enjoyed a floating breakfast in the swimming pool. Deanne shared the picture and wrote alongside, "I love sleep because it's like a time machine to breakfast, I'll eat some breakfast then change the world."

  • Elli AvrRam, Deanne Panday in Maldives

    "Eat well, swim well... and spot the Dolphin," that's what Elli AvrRam wrote in her caption, with this picture. The Swedish-Greek actress exudes happiness in this picture. Don't you think so?

  • Elli AvrRam, Deanne Panday in Maldives

    The pair also went jet skiing in the Maldives. "Riding my jet ski into the sunset that evening was the most beautiful & liberating experience, like breathing in freedom. By the way friends, you must know that I can't swim well, but I am a big sea adventure queen, fearless and crazy, [sic]" Deanne Panday wrote in her caption, along with this picture.

  • Elli AvrRam, Deanne Panday in Maldives

    As Deanne Panday shared this amazing picture, which has the beautiful deep blue sea in the frame, she got a little poetic in her caption. Here's what Panday wrote, "Sky above, sand below, peace within. Palm trees, ocean breeze, salty but sweet, yes salt in the air & sand in my hair. Pretty sure by now my birthstone is a seashell. Beach bum I am or rather a beachoholic, born to be in flip flops. My tan will fade but my memories will last forever. [sic]"

  • Elli AvrRam, Deanne Panday in Maldives

    Just like Deanne, Elli AvrRam too posted her upside down picture, while practising yoga there. "How The World currently looks to me... are you facing the same?" Elli wrote alongside the picture.

  • Elli AvrRam, Deanne Panday in Maldives

    Unleashing their adventurous side, Elli AvrRam and Deanne Panday also enjoyed scuba diving there. "When a Leo hangs out with a Sagittarius, it looks like this @deannepanday [sic]" Elli wrote this in her caption, along with the picture.

  • Elli AvrRam, Deanne Panday in Maldives

    This particular picture, where Elli strikes a pose in a hot pink bikini, seated in a jacuzzi, broke the internet. "Water baby reliving my birth. Yes, truth is, I was born in a jacuzzi," she wrote alongside the image.

  • Elli AvrRam, Deanne Panday in Maldives

    The fitness enthusiasts also played football in the Maldives as their "signature outdoor activity". Deanne Panday shared this picture and wrote a note, which read, "Football increases aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health, lowers body fat and improves muscle tone, builds strength, flexibility and endurance, increase muscle and bone strength, improve health due to shifts between walking, running and sprinting. Oh boy! Was this tough? Yes! Few minutes into the sport and we were huffing & puffing. Respect to all who play this sport, as you need the stamina of a panther to keep up, we had the Maldivian team at #kandimamaldives teach us a few tricks of the game, no 13 for me because it was Halloween that day."

  • Elli AvrRam, Deanne Panday in Maldives

    We must admit, Elli AvrRam and Deanne Panday's Maldivian vacation was one of the most unique, fun-filled, and full of varied activities. Elli indulged in some painting too during her vacation. "Eat, 'Paint', Love - Elli's way!" wrote the actress in her caption.

  • Elli AvrRam, Deanne Panday in Maldives

    These pictures have definitely made us feel like packing our bags and heading on a beautiful vacation. What about you?

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