Big B’s iconic screen personas

Oct 11, 2012, 11:13 IST
  • Big B’s iconic screen personas
    Inspector Vijay Khanna (Zanjeer): Clichéd as it may sound, Amitabh Bachchan’s character in the film, which gave birth to the ‘angry young man’, remains among Indian cinema’s most convincing portrayal of an honest cop fighting against a corrupt system
  • Big B’s iconic screen personas
    Vijay Verma (Deewar): Portraying the anguished youth, who’s unable to bear the ignominy of being termed the son of a ‘chor’ and ends up becoming a major smuggler, there are numerous shades to Amitabh’s character, and the actor ends up delivering a performance that set a benchmark for those to follow
  • Big B’s iconic screen personas
    As the calm and composed friend of the eccentric Veeru (Dharmendra), and a silent lover of a widow Radha (Jaya Bachchan), Big B proved through his character that he can slip into understated roles as well with ease. In India cinema’s finest ever film, Amitabh arguably came up with his finest ever performance
  • Big B’s iconic screen personas
    Big B was at his hilarious best playing the character of a drunkard, who is also the goon of his area. Even as Vinod Khanna and Rishi Kapoor also came up with memorable performances, Amitabh stole the show courtesy his inimitable dialogue delivery
  • Big B’s iconic screen personas
    In a double role, Amitabh played a ruthless Don as well as like look-alike, Vijay, who is coaxed into joining the Don’s gang and exposing the latter, by the police. The Big B was top notch in both characters
  • Big B’s iconic screen personas
    The clash of the titans – Amitabh and Dilip Kumar – the film is considered an all-time classic. Portraying the son, who inadvertently suffers due to his father, who is a completely honest cop, Big B matches the thespian Kumar scene to scene in the movie
  • Big B’s iconic screen personas
    The film is most remembered for the fight scene which almost cost the superstar his life. As the leader of coolies, who fights for the rights of his community against evil men, Amitabh’s performance in the film was much appreciated, and the movie went on to become among the biggest grossers of that time
  • Big B’s iconic screen personas
    Vicky Kapoor (Sharaabi): As the son who is craving for love from his dad (Pran) but only gets money in return and hence turns to alcohol, the viewers can laugh, cry as well as sympathise with Amitabh’s character. No other actor has portrayed the drunkard hero on-screen in such a compellingly manner
  • Big B’s iconic screen personas
    The film was low on content, but Big B’s screen presence and his irrepressible dialogue delivery made the film click. The dialogue ‘Risthey Mein Toh Hum Tumhare Baap Lagte Hain, Naam Hai Shahenshah’ is among the most popular ones in Bollywood
  • Big B’s iconic screen personas
    Like ‘Shahenshah’, this Mukul Anand flick was high on gloss, but lacked a good script. Even though the film was a box office disaster, Amitabh’s character in the film gained a cult status. Again, a dialogue from the film became legendary – ‘Vijay Deenanath Chauhan. Poora naam. Baap ka naam, Deenanath Chauhan. Maa ka naam, Suhasini Chauhan. Gaon, Mandwa. Umar, chattis saal, Nau Mahina, aath din. Ab...yeh solvah ghanta chal rahela hai, hain?’
  • Big B’s iconic screen personas
    As the head of a university, who believes discipline is of utmost importance for students to do well in life, the success of the movie gave Big B a much-needed hit following a prolonged lean spell. Amitabh’s character also garnered plenty of rave reviews, as the Big B rediscovered his aura
  • Big B’s iconic screen personas
    Playing an influential personality who is considered as an alternate government by his followers, Amitabh made this ‘Godfather’-inspired Ram Gopal Varma flick rather captivating in spite of its many flaws
  • Big B’s iconic screen personas
    Playing a child suffering from a rare medical condition progeria, Bachchan wowed audiences in this touching tragedy with son Abhishek playing his father
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