Bigg Boss 13 Week 16: Sidharth-Shehnaaz's love affair; Salman scolds Paras; Madhurima evicted

Updated: Jan 20, 2020, 10:00 | Anshul Vipat
  • Sidharth Shukla, Shehnaaz Kaur Gill, Bigg Boss 13

    Bigg Boss 13 is turning out to be steamy, sizzling, and highly controversial ever since it has begun. From snapping old ties, creating new bonds, the show has helped ignite or reignite the love for a lot of couples in the house. The love-hate stories continued its domination in the sixteenth week of Bigg Boss 13.

  • Sidharth Shukla, Shehnaaz Kaur Gill, Bigg Boss 13

    A tiff with Salman Khan ruined Shehnaaz Gill's Sunday. The Punjabi singer had a war of words with the host, who refused to engage in a conversation with her despite her apology. She decided to break all ties with the housemates and stayed isolated all day. After spending the whole day alone, Shehnaaz tried to reunite with Sidharth.

  • Sidharth Shukla, Shehnaaz Kaur Gill, Bigg Boss 13

    However, Sidharth told her that he was deeply hurt by her daily drama and distanced himself. Sensing his aloofness, Shehnaaz became uneasy and tried to put in all her efforts to get him back to normal. Shehnaaz ended up making a confession, saying that she loves him and wants him to be with her no matter what happens.

  • Sidharth Shukla, Shehnaaz Kaur Gill, Bigg Boss 13

    After she professed her love for him, Sidharth replied: "Theek hai (It is fine)". This irked the Punjabi singer, who was seen asking him to say he that loves her too. She even threatened to hit herself if he doesn't. She also gave him a tight hug, asking him to hug her in return.

  • Sidharth Shukla, Shehnaaz Kaur Gill, Bigg Boss 13

    After dilly-dallying a bit, Sidharth hugged her back, and even said, "I love you too". In another instance, Shehnaaz told Sidharth that she is not interested to win the game but she wanted to win him over.

  • Sidharth Shukla, Shehnaaz Kaur Gill, Bigg Boss 13

    But all's not well in Shehnaaz's paradise. Here, we want to talk about Bigg Boss fans. While the previous love stories inside the house had earned the fancy of the fans of the show, this romance had upset them. And we wonder why? According to fans, one of the reasons could be the entry in Bigg Boss Elite Club.

  • Sidharth Shukla, Shehnaaz Kaur Gill, Bigg Boss 13

    For all those who have been religiously following the show, they would be knowing how Shehnaaz and Asim Riaz were competing to be a part of the Big Boss Elite Club, and the winner would have got immunity from the nominations. This was precisely why fans were upset with Shehnaaz and Sidharth's love story as they felt that this was nothing but an attention-seeking tactic on the actress' part to be in the club.

  • Hina Khan, Bigg Boss 13

    Okay, before moving further, let us explain to you what Bigg Boss' Elite Blub is. Hina Khan was tasked to elect the first member of the newly launched club. Both the contenders, Asim and Shehnaaz had to justify with reasons why they deserved to be a part of the club. In Hina's court, Rashami and Arti were the two lawyers representing Asim and Shehnaaz respectively. For old times' sake Paras, Mahira, Sidharth, and Arti supported Shehnaaz while all the others spoke against her.

  • Shehnaaz Kaur Gill, Arti Singh

    Vishal stood up for Asim and said that Shehnaaz was not worthy. He also shared that Shehnaaz had called him weak during the last evictions which he didn't appreciate. A fight broke out between Asim and Shefali when Asim claimed that he had not made connections to benefit the game.

  • Bigg Boss 13

    Pointing fingers at Vishal, Shehnaaz said that his nomination in the previous task was the reason why he was constantly fighting with her and not supporting her. She told him that she fought with her own friends to save him and chose him over Arti. Vishal reciprocated by saying he won't accept anyone calling him weak. Adding fuel to the fire, Arti accused Shehnaaz of siding with the wrong people.

  • Rashami Desai, Asim Riaz

    The fight got ugly when Rashami intervened and supported Vishal by saying it was not fair to call someone weak. Vishal said that just like Shehnaaz, even he too did not like to be called weak. Shehnaaz shouted at him and called him fake and double-faced and that he was playing a very ugly game with her.

  • Madhurima Tuli, Vikas Singh

    The next day began with a major fight between Madhurima and Vishal. Even after several warnings from Bigg Boss and Salman Khan, they call stared naming and hitting each other.

  • Madhurima Tuli, Vikas Singh

    It started when Rashami requested Vishal to make some tea. Madhurima, too, requested him, but Vishal refused and said that he will make tea only for Rashami. Asim asked Madhurima to make tea instead but she retorted by saying that Vishal is incapable to do anything alone and was always seeking support. Madhurima took the opportunity to tease Vishal and called him 'Behenji'.

  • Madhurima Tuli, Vikas Singh

    An agitated Vishal asked her to stop but she did not listen. Vishal threw water on her and she retaliated by splashing him with water right back.

  • Madhurima Tuli, Vikas Singh

    This water fight continued even after Bigg Boss warns them to stop it. Madhurima then started hitting Vishal with a pan. The fight took a nasty turn when she picked up another vessel to hit him while Rashami and Arti intervened and stopped them. Soon after, Bigg Boss announced that the fight between Madhurima and Vishal was completely unacceptable and unlike the last time, they won't be able to say it is a personal matter and get away with it.

  • Madhurima Tuli, Vikas Singh

    He said that the two will be punished over the weekend. Vishal retaliated and says he will not take the punishment and was ready to leave the house. Rashami and Asim tried and stop him but he remained adamant.

  • Paras Chhabra

    Later in the day, Bigg Boss announced the captaincy task titled 'Jaadugarni Ki Pariksha' in which Shehnaaz, Mahira, Shefali, and Arti were locked in a setup that resembled a haunted forest. During regular intervals, temptations used to enter the house and if the contestants leave their lock, they would have to give up on the captaincy.

  • Shehnaaz Gill

    Can u guess who were those temptations?

  • Krushna, Arti Singh

    The temptations were none other than the family members of the contestants. As the first doorbell rang, Arti's brother Krushna entered the house and called her out. Without any second thoughts, Arti went and hugged him tightly. The brother-sister duo had an emotional conversation as Krushna got teary-eyed.

  • Krushna, Arti Singh

    Bigg Boss told Arti that another small surprise was awaiting her in the storeroom. The small surprise turned out to be Krushna' kids. Arti's happiness had no bounds and she hugged them tightly. The two kids performed a special dance on the song 'Malhari' they specially prepared for their 'Bua'.

  • Sidharth Shukla, Rashami Desai

    For the second round of the task, the buzzer rang and Sidharth's mother walked in. She hugged Sidharth and busted into tears. He got her to meet everyone. When Sidharth come to Rashami, she told his mother that they both take care of each other putting aside all the needs. Sidharth's mother said that she was extremely proud that his son was doing great on the show. She advised him to continue entertaining everyone with his funny side as it was being loved by the audience.

  • Paras Chhabra, Bigg Boss 13

    Next, it was Paras' turn. He is extremely happy to see his mom and ushered her inside the house. She had a heart-to-heart talk with him and told him that she was very unhappy with the way he was portraying himself currently. She asked him to stop being a godfather to the other contestants. Paras' mother also warned him to maintain a distance with Mahira and reiterated the fact that she is not comfortable with their closeness.

  • Rashami Desai

    The next doorbell rang and Bhavya and Swastik, Rashami's niece and nephew entered the house. Rashami, too, gave up her captaincy and ran towards them. The housemates were also quite happy to see the kids. They motivated Rashami and asked her to stay strong and not cry. Bhavya and Swastik asked Rashami to rekindle her friendship with Sidharth. The kids then asked Rashami and Sidharth to hug and make up.

  • Arti Singh, Karan Singh Grover

    Given that all the contestants failed the last captaincy task, Bigg Boss gave them another chance to elect a captain through a task. He commanded them to freeze whenever someone new enters the house. The first one to enter was Arti's best friend, Karan Singh Grover. Arti was not able to hold back her tears and hugged him.

  • Vindu Dara Singh

    The next one to enter the house was Vindu Dara Singh. He asked Rashami to up her game and get back in the race. The last person who entered the house was the former winner and Shehnaaz's dream man Gautam Gulati. Shehnaaz was on cloud nine on seeing him and when Bigg Boss released her, she showered him with hugs and kisses.

  • Salman Khan

    Up next, Salman Khan came on stage and was seen quite upset by the housemates' behaviour in the whole week, Vishal and Madhurima in particular (the duo were jailed earlier for their behaviour). He told Madhurima that she got very violent which was not acceptable to him.

  • Vishal Singh, Madhurima Tuli

    Salman also said that Vishal overreacted since throwing water on Madhurima was unnecessary. The host told them that they can leave the house since their behaviour was not reflecting well on the show.

  • Paras Chhabra, Mahira Sharma

    Next, Salman moved on to Paras. He questioned him on his relationship with Mahira. Salman told him that their bond appeared to be more than friendship. He also told Paras that his girlfriend had a few questions about his equation with Mahira.

  • Salman Khan

    In the heat of the moment, Paras ended up disrespecting Salman and blamed the host of misjudgment. This angered Salman who reminded Paras to mind his tone and to speak to him with respect. Salman also said that staying in the Bigg Boss house for 100 odd days doesn't make him a star.

  • Madhurima Tuli

    At the end of the week, after spending three days in prison, Bigg Boss asked Madhurima to leave the show, thanks to her abusive behaviour. Commenting on this Madhurima said, "I had a great experience in the Bigg Boss house, the game is extremely exhausting and we have to be on our toes. It took me some time to get a grip in the game but I was continuously provoked by Vishal and other housemates on petty issues which used to irritate me. I cannot justify my action as it is not right but I wish I could stay longer inside the house."

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