Busted! Sensational sex rackets that shocked Mumbai

Nov 15, 2018, 10:20 IST
  • Busted! Sensational sex rackets that shocked Mumbai

    After being kept in a room in Bhiwandi for a few days, an illegal immigrant from Bangladesh was first sold to traffickers in Nagpur for Rs 30,000 where she was forced into a prostitution racket operated from a dingy lodge. A month later, she was brought back to Bhiwandi and was sent to different lodges and dance bars and was then sent to solicit as part of a sex racket run by a husband and wife duo. The police arrested three people — Shahid and Daliya Ansari (husband and wife) and Babuali Khan, a Bangladeshi (In picture-Shahid Ansari (left), his wife Daliya and their Bangladeshi agent Babuali Azgar Khan)

  • Busted! Sensational sex rackets that shocked Mumbai

    A 45-year-old woman was apprehended in May 2018 for pushing her daughter into flesh trade. Six others have also been arrested in connection with the case. Sources say the mother had once tried to force the 18-year-old to sleep with a Saudi Arabia-based NRI, and when she refused, the accused locked her inside a room for over a month. The daughter is not the only victim; cops rescued other girls residing in the same flat, who were working as sex workers at the behest of the woman. (In picture: The prime accused)

  • Busted! Sensational sex rackets that shocked Mumbai

    A damaged foot over bridge (FOB) on Sion-Panvel Highway served as a bridge of pleasure, with a group of eunuchs running a prostitution racket there, soliciting passing motorists. When a deal was struck, the clients were taken inside the metal structure of the FOB, which was not only well hidden by signboards and trucks but was also fitted up with a bed. The racket was busted in October 2016

  • Busted! Sensational sex rackets that shocked Mumbai

    Two Bangladeshis suspected of acting as 'carriers' while running a prostitution racket in the city, Mumbai and Kolhapur, were arrested in December 2017. The police also rescued three minors from their clutches. The two arrested people forced girls into prostitution after luring them with the promise of good jobs. In police slang, carriers are people who transport girls, sometimes across international borders, to push them into prostitution (In picture: The accused Bangladeshis)

  • Busted! Sensational sex rackets that shocked Mumbai

    A 16-year-old girl center from the clutches of flesh trade after an intensive, five-hour-long operation by the Mumbai Police in November 2017. The girl was found hidden in a small room on the 14th lane of Mumbai's Kamathipura area. The victim, who originally hails from West Bengal, was forced into flesh trade after being sent to the city on the pretext of finding a job as domestic help, by her neighbour Anwar Sheikh and a woman named Amina

  • Busted! Sensational sex rackets that shocked Mumbai

    Mumbai's Nehru Nagar Police busted a high-profile sex racket in Kurla's Kaamgar Nagar area. The police rescued three girls, and arrested two women in this connection in November 2017. The women were running the racket in a bungalow, Mangal Murti

  • Busted! Sensational sex rackets that shocked Mumbai

    A television actress who was pushed into the flesh trade was rescued by the Malad police after a tip-off. A pimp and customer were arrested. The arrest was made on Goregaon Link Road based on a tip-off and the police said that the customer was contacted through Whatsapp. One of the men arrested is believed to have a production company in Malad

  • Busted! Sensational sex rackets that shocked Mumbai

    The Mumbai Police conducted a raid at a Thai spa centre in Chembur after receiving information that the centre ran a brothel in disguise. The spa manager was arrested by the Chembur Division police and few women were taken into custody, including six foreign nationals

  • Busted! Sensational sex rackets that shocked Mumbai

    A minor from Uttar Pradesh, who had been kidnapped and gang-raped allegedly by seven people, was brought to Mumbai to be sold into a prostitution ring run by a couple based in Malad. The couple were identified as Bharat and Salma and their racket was busted

  • Busted! Sensational sex rackets that shocked Mumbai

    A woman was arrested by the Kherwadi police after she tried to force two of her daughters, one of whom is a minor, into prostitution. The woman resided in an SRA building and told her daughters that they had an electricity bill of Rs 50,000 for which they had to get into the flesh trade. Police inspector Jagdish Kalapad from Kherwadi police station received a tip of a woman running a prostitution business in Bandra East. Based on the information, the Senior Inspector assembled a team of 11 officers and arrested the woman in April 2018

  • Busted! Sensational sex rackets that shocked Mumbai

    Police busted a flesh trade racket at Vasai in Thane district after a 16-year-old school girl blew the lid. The accused, including two women, befriended the minor in April 2018 under the pretext of offering her professional training to work in a doctor's clinic. The duo, however, took the victim to the house of one of the women and apparently detained her there for over three months during which they forced her into prostitution

  • Busted! Sensational sex rackets that shocked Mumbai

    340 girls were rescued from a Mumbai brothel after a prostitution den was uncovered in a five-storey building in South Mumbai. The racket was busted in October 2012

  • Busted! Sensational sex rackets that shocked Mumbai

    In a joint operation, the Mumbai police and members of a special squad of the western region busted a prostitution racket in Khar (W) in August 2011. Five accused were arrested and two victims who were forced into prostitution rescued. The two rescued girls were reportedly not from the city. They were forced into the profession and housed in the building's garage

  • Busted! Sensational sex rackets that shocked Mumbai

    A prostitution racket was busted in December 2017 with the arrest of four persons, including two actresses from Mumbai. The arrests were made during raids on two five-star hotels in posh Banjara Hills area. Two brokers, who were running the racket online and booking rooms in star hotels for the customers, were also taken into custody. Police, however, have not identified the actresses

  • Busted! Sensational sex rackets that shocked Mumbai

    Navi Mumbai police had arrested four people in December 2017 for running a prostitution racket through a website. The accused ran the racket through the website Navi Mumbai Escort Services. Police said that the accused would provide contact details to prospective customers and once these customers contacted the number, a deal would be struck

  • Busted! Sensational sex rackets that shocked Mumbai

    A 24-year-old model was arrested in June 2016 for allegedly running a prostitution racket in Versova of western Mumbai under the guise of a production house and two girls were rescued. The model was held after police conducted the raid at the premises. According to the police, the model used to contact struggling models who are interested in working in the film industry. She then got them to connect with customers and in turn received her part of the bargain

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