Cooking was masterchef Shipra Khanna's therapy while dealing with an abusive marriage

Updated: Feb 02, 2020, 16:04 | Saumya Gourisaria
  • Shipra Khanna

    While cooking seemed to be the only respite for Shipra Khanna which helped her deal with an abusive marriage, she made sure that she beat out 12 contestants to win the coveted title of Masterchef.

  • Shipra Khanna

    "Salute yourself and others who labour hard to enable us to run our kitchens! Kitchen Tales" writes Shilpa as she is seen pouring oil over pasta.

  • Shipra Khanna

    Shipra Khanna poses with two candies in her hand, one of pink and the other in green colour.

  • Shipra Khanna

    "Seek and you shall find! Every Recipe has a story attached!" says Shipra Khanna.

  • Shipra Khanna

    Shipra Khanna specialises in making Indian food with a modern flair, and every dish she makes – from saffron rice to papaya-glazed chicken will leave you licking your fingers.

  • Shipra Khanna

    Shipra Khanna writes, "This year the millennials come out of their teens and enter the world of adults! In 2020 let’s reflect on our teens and embed those pure, innocent emotions into our lives once again"

  • Shipra Khanna

    The Masterchef winner believes in eating heartily. She says, "Devour your meal! The Sinful moments of my spice trail."

  • Shipra Khanna

    Shipra Khanna believes in having a mission, and that mission is a lot bigger than winning a cooking show or looking great on Instagram.

  • Shipra Khanna

    On many occasions, Shipra Khanna has run seminars, wrote articles on brain-boosting foods, and given Ted Talks on food-related subjects, particularly on child nutrition.

  • Shipra Khanna

    Shipra Khanna shot for a calendar where she posed with a lot of fruits. She used, kiwis, lemons, grapes, oranges to get herself clicked.

  • Shipra Khanna

    Shipra Khanna shared the pictures of her photoshoot and wrote, "Fruity Affairs"

  • Shipra Khanna

    Shipra Khan devoured a bar of chocolate as she donned her Masterchef coat.

  • Shipra Khanna

    Shipra Khanna looked ravishing as she posed with blueberries, blackberries and strawberries in her hand and wore lipstick to match the fruits.

  • Shipra Khanna

    Shipra Khanna takes a softy in her hand as she is seen wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

  • Shipra Khanna

    In picture: Shipra Khanna pours a sauce over her salad

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Masterchef India winner Shipra Khanna went on to host a number of culinary shows, wrote several cookbooks and is one of the most glamorous chefs of the country. Her Instagram is proof that she loves everything about food.

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