Coronavirus outbreak: 'Friends asked me if I regret my career choice,' say nurses treating patients

Updated: Mar 22, 2020, 08:21 | Saumya Gourisaria
  • Coronavirus nurses

    The world is grippling with panic and fear as Coronavirus continues to spread all over the world. However, while many may be taking the necessary precautions, people working in healthcare services have no option but to put their hand in the dirt. 

  • Coronavirus nurses

    A post was shared by World Health Organisation on their Instagram handle which appreciated the nurses for the work they do.

  • Coronavirus nurses

    The braveheart Trecia Simone Stewart is a nurse in Jamaica and she says, 'I want patients to be treated how I would want to be treated if I was in a healthcare facility.'

  • Coronavirus nurses

    She adds, "I give my best so that quality care is given. I love the fact that I’m the first person that the person comes in contact with when they come into the emergency department & the fact that whatever care I provide for the patient will be a lasting one."

  • Coronavirus nurses

    Another nurse who was fighting on the frontlines of COVID-19 shared her fears. She wrote a letter to the world stating that she is proud to treat and look after patients who are battling Coronavirus.

  • Coronavirus nurses

    She also mentioned that her friends and family asked her if she was regretting her career choice at this time. She said she did doubt her choice for a split second but then realised that they were actually the lucky ones.

  • Coronavirus nurses

    "For starters our jobs are safe, in fact there may well be more work than we can cope with. Secondly, we get to care for people when they’re at their weakest and most vulnerable. Let me tell you, and I know I speak for all nurses, this is one of the biggest honours there is," she wrote.

  • Coronavirus nurses

    She furthur wrote that even despite their best efforts not many people make it. However,  "We won’t forget about you. We will care for you, give you every treatment that is reasonable, laugh with you, cry with you, hold your hands and try and make you feel less scared. We are nurses and this is the core of what we do and it’s what we do best. The fancy machines and drugs are just the added extras," she said.

  • Coronavirus nurses

    Another nurse, Alessia Bonari who hailed from Tuscany shared her story on Instagram. She shared a selfie of herself where her face was badly bruised due to the face mask that she has to constantly wear while treating COVID-19 patients.

  • Coronavirus nurses

    She shared that she was scared to go to work everyday. She also revealed that medical professionals like her are living in the fear of contracting the virus while treating the patients.

  • Coronavirus nurses

    Alessia also said that once dressed, the medics can't get off the lab coat and are also deprived of using the bathroom or drink water for hours. Although all of it is taking a toll on her physically and psychologically, she says that even her colleagues are going through the trauma since weeks.

  • Coronavirus nurses

    However, Alesia said that all of this won't stop her from doing her job because she says, "I will continue to take care of and take care of my patients, because I am proud and in love with my job."

  • Coronavirus nurses

    We owe our deepest debt of gratitude to the healthcare professionals who choose our lives over theirs!

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The world is in midst of the Coronavirus outbreak right now and as read this, the number of positive cases is on the rise. However, while we can take all the necessary precautions, there are healthcare professionals who work day and night and put their lives at stake to save ours.

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