Coronavirus Outbreak: From Surya Namaskar to stretches, Jacqueline Fernandez shares a guide to yoga

Updated: Mar 24, 2020, 11:58 | Pratiksha Mestry
  • Jacqueline Fernandez does yoga

    Jacqueline Fernandez is sharing some workout videos during the lockdown session in the city. As public gatherings aren't allowed, many celebrities decided to sweat it out at home instead of the gym. All pictures/Jacqueline Fernandez' Instagram account

  • Jacqueline Fernandez does yoga

    It's no secret that Jacqueline Fernandez is one of fittest in the industry and loves doing things the old school way, one of her the preferred workouts being yoga. Yoga is one of the exercises that has gained momentum for the numerous benefits it gives to the body.

  • Jacqueline Fernandez does yoga

    Jacqueline shared how Suryanamaskar is a boon, "At home, I only do 120 Suryanamaskars because it burns a sweat. It'll take that good half an hour to do them all and at the same time, the body gets refreshed and energised."

  • Jacqueline Fernandez does yoga

    Jacqueline Fernandez comments on formulating the inner charts and further adds, "So, mainly yoga is great because you can do it at home and a lot of stretching. If you have like foam rollers, it's great to massage the muscles and stuff as well."

  • Jacqueline Fernandez does yoga

    Sharing advice for the citizens during this pandemic situation to workout at home, Jacqueline said, "I think, the best exercise that doesn't require any weights or any kind of equipment would be yoga."

  • Jacqueline Fernandez does yoga

    Jacqueline Fernandez is one of the most positive actresses as she has captured her emotions and the outside environment doesn't affect her inner peace and happiness. Truly, an inspiration we need in our everyday lives to look up to.

  • Jacqueline Fernandez does yoga

    On the professional from, Jacqueline will be seen next in Mrs. Serial Killer, which also marks her digital debut.

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As the government of India has asked people to self-quarantine to be safe during the virus outbreak, Jacqueline Fernandez, who can't go to the gym due to the lockdown, decided to workout at home and pass time amid the social distancing period due to coronavirus outbreak. We have pictures