Coronavirus outbreak: Here's how Mumbai, Pune, and Nagpur police are keeping citizens informed

Updated: Mar 23, 2020, 09:12 | Sunny Rodricks
  • Coronavirus, COVID-19 symptoms, Mumbai Police

    While a partial lock-down has be seen in the country due to coronavirus, police forces across the state of Maharashtra are doing their own bit to fight the novel virus COVID-19. From educating citizens to wash hands properly to making public announcements to maintain social distance; from educating people on the spread of coronavirus to sensitising its own force to fight coronavirus, here's how the police forces are dealing with the global pandemic.

  • Coronavirus, COVID-19 symptoms, Mumbai Police

    With an aim to inform, educate and protect Mumbaikars, Mumbai police has been on point with their witty tweets and informative posts on coronavirus. Urging people to stay at home, Mumbai police shared this informative post featuring a man seated on a sofa as a superman as he holds a newspaper that reads: Stay home. Showing how to take on coronavirus, they captioned it: Sometimes, all you need to do be a superhero is to stay home!

  • Coronavirus, COVID-19 symptoms, Mumbai Police

    A few cases of coronavirus patients leaving quarantine has come in the limelight off lately. In order to curb it, the social media team of Mumbai police came up with this quarantine post which not only created awareness but also acted as a warning to those fleeing quarantine. While sharing the post, they wrote: Don't jump the quarantine. You are posing a risk to you, your loved ones & the whole community. These are tough times. Don't force us to be tougher on you. We will find you anyway and so will the strict provisions of law!

  • Coronavirus, COVID-19 symptoms, Mumbai Police

    Urging people to stay indoors, Mumbai police in this informative tweet asked families to self quarantine themselves if they have returned from somewhere. They also urged them to wash hands, and maintain social distance to defeat coronavirus. But it was the caption that struck a chord with Mumbaikars. It read: You may be 'Home', but not 'Alone'. We are with you in this fight against Coronavirus!

  • Coronavirus, COVID-19 symptoms, Mumbai Police

    Guiding citizens on how they should avoid crowded places in order to fight coronavirus, Mumbai Police came up with this funny meme 'Bulate Hai Magar Jane Ka Nahi' featuring a man with a face mask. The funny meme urged people to not visit crowded places in order to avoid the spread pf coronavirus. They captioned it saying: Jo Virus Hai Vo Phaillane Ka Nai! (do not spread the virus that exists).

  • Coronavirus, COVID-19 symptoms, Palghar Police

    In photo: A Palghar police personnel holds a placard requesting people to stay at home for the country amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

  • Coronavirus, COVID-19 symptoms, Mumbai Police

    Besides sharing funny tweets, and memes, the Mumbai Police Twitter handle also shared videos where the police personnel are seen making public announcements and urging people to avoid mass gatherings in order to fight the global pandemic. While sharing the video, they wrote: To stay safe together, let's not come together - just for a little while!

  • Coronavirus, COVID-19 symptoms, Mumbai Police

    The Mumbai Police also took utmost care to make sure that its own force is safe in its fight against coronavirus. While sharing this post with the citizens of Mumbai, the Mumbai Police twitter handle said that face masks and other protective commodities were distributed across police stations in the city. They also said that being vigilant and protected helps them to fight all evils, including the deadly coronavirus.

  • Coronavirus, COVID-19 symptoms, Mumbai Police

    Reiterating the need to stop spreading rumours and forwarding fake news without verifying it, Mumbai Police asked citizens to not love fake news so much. They also urged citizens to not spread rumours and to not forward unverified news. Taking a cue from one of Bollywood's romantic number, they warned: Forwarded a Fake Message without verifying? Sathiya, yeh tune kya kiya? (What have you done my soulmate)!

  • Coronavirus, COVID-19 symptoms, Mumbai Police

    Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh also took to his twitter handle to educate people on the novel coronavirus. Urging people to maintain personal, office and home hygiene, the police commissioner asked Mumbaikars to keep fake news far and a doctor close amidst the coronavirus outbreak. Asking people not to panic, Singh said that the city will soon overcome the deadly virus.

  • Coronavirus, COVID-19 symptoms, Mumbai Police

    In photo: Mumbai police personnel shared eye-opening picture, which requests citizens to greet everyone with a namaste and say bye to coronavirus.

  • Coronavirus, COVID-19 symptoms, Pune Police

    Besides Mumbai Police, Pune, Thane, Navi Mumbai and even Nagpur police are educating its citizens through their social media handles. Mumbai's neighbouring city Pune has also taken adequate measures to ensure the safety of its citizens amidst the outbreak of coronavirus. The Pune police shared a picture of its police forces and urged people to avoid crowded places and urged them to stay safe at home.

  • Coronavirus, COVID-19 symptoms, Pune Police

    While sharing this picture with their followers, the Pune police urged thousands of Punekars to leave their home only if it was needed and to avoid unnecessary rush. While sharing the picture, they said: We are staying at work for you, You stay at home for us!

  • Coronavirus, COVID-19 symptoms, Pune Police

    Taking a cue from a Bollywood movie, Pune police shared this witty tweet which urged people to maintain social distance. The photo, which is a still from Break Ke Baad, was captioned: Dooriya Bhi Zaroori Hai. The Pune police also asked its citizens to make plans after a small hiatus.

  • Coronavirus, COVID-19 symptoms, Pune Police

    Showing that they are always on point with their tweets, the Pune police this time shared a picture of 'Healthy' Quarantine playlist. The playlist featured 5 important ways to fight coronavirus as songs. Stay at home, keep social distance, wear face mask, wash hands and not to touch one's face. The social media team also came up with a unique hashtag to fight the global pandemic which read: On Guard Against Coronavirus!

  • Coronavirus, COVID-19 symptoms, Nagpur Police

    The Nagpur police in its unique and witty way showed how they are ensuring the spread of coronavirus. Sharing a picture of its personnel working from police stations, they took a clue from the popular series Sacred Games and captioned the picture: Sacred Duty!

  • Coronavirus, COVID-19 symptoms, Nagpur Police

    Sharing a meme from Shahid Kapoor's popular film Kabir Singh, the Nagpur police once again proved how to keep its citizens engaged and yet educate them to stay at home amidst the global pandemic. Showing a still from the movie, the post shows friends making plans to go for a picnic but it is the reply that wins the heart. Thereby urging people to maintain social distance and break the chain.

  • Coronavirus, COVID-19 symptoms, Maharashtra Police

    Amidst PM Narendra Modi's call to observe Janata Curgew on Sunday, March 22, the Maharashtra Police twitter handle came up with one of the best tweets on why one should stay at home amidst the coronavirus. Featuring a still from Nana Patekar's movie Natsamrat, the caption said: To be or not to be (HOME) - that is the question!

  • Coronavirus, COVID-19 symptoms, Nagpur Police

    This tweet from Nagpur police would show you why Maharashtra police is one of the best in the country. Featuring a still from Sacred Games, the police urged people to stay indoors and used the popular phrase from the series 'Balidan Dena Hoga' which meant Sacrifice going to crowded places.

  • Coronavirus, COVID-19 symptoms, Nagpur Police

    After lakhs of people across Maharashtra took part in Janata Curfew, the Nagpur Police shared a heartwarming picture which won many hearts. In the picture, police personnel donning face mask can be seen thanking the citizens of Maharashtra with a namaste for all their love, support and gratitude.

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