Daisy Shah Lockdown Diaries: From cooking to spending time with her pet!

Updated: Jun 15, 2020, 08:13 | Nandish
  • Daisy Shah during #9pm9minutes initiative

    Like every other celeb, Daisy Shah abided by the rules laid down by the government and stayed home to curb the Coronavirus outbreak. She has been very active on her social media accounts, giving a peek into her daily routine. She shared this photo of her holding a candle during the #9pm9minutes initiative to pay respect to our COVID-19 heroes. She captioned it: "Let there be light #9pm9minutes [sic]" All pictures/Daisy Shah's Instagram account

  • Daisy Shah baked a caramel custard cake

    Daisy Shah has also taken up cooking while under home quarantine. She shared multiple posts of her baking chocolate lava mug cakes to chopping vegetables. She shared this photo of her looking all pleased with her caramel custard and wrote, "Today's dish was #caramelcustard #stayhome [sic]"

  • Daisy Shah lockdown

    Other than cooking and working out, Daisy Shah has also been spending a lot of time binge-watching shows and playing with her pet. She shared this photo of her lying on the floor watching TV and captioned it: '#stayhome.'

  • Daisy Shah

    On Earth Day, Daisy Shah shared this photo of her sitting on a park bench admiring the nature and wrote, "Look deep into the nature. N then you will understand everything better [sic]"

  • Daisy Shah lockdown

    Daisy Shah has also been doing a lot of reading while at home. She shared this photo of her favourite reading corner and wrote, "My reading corner is my best friend right now. What’s urs? #lockdownlife #reading #books [sic]."

  • Daisy Shah with her pet dog during lockdown

    Daisy Shah shared this photo of her with her dog and their imaginary conversation, "My dog- when do u go back to work?
    Me- why do you ask?
    My dog- Coz you annoy me so much! #conversationwithmydog #lockdown #stayhome [sic]"

  • Daisy Shah during lockdown

    Daisy Shah shared this beautiful photo of her all smiling and wrote, "Make someone smile everyday, But never forget you're someone too. [sic]"

  • Daisy Shah during lockdown

    Daisy Shah shared this monochrome image of her staring at the Mumbai skyline and wrote a thought-provoking note. "Staring into the abyss, I'm on a journey to find myself, to find kindness & compassion in others, to hope for the magic this world has to offer. The real magic is created from within. So find that. #stayhome [sic]"

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Race 3 star Daisy Shah has been keeping herself busy by cooking, playing with her pet, working out, reading, among a host of other things while on lockdown. We have pictures