Pele turned 80! Rare photos and facts about the Brazilian football legend

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  • Pele

    Pele is a football legend not only in Brazil, but all over the world. He is considerend one of the greatest players in the history of the game.

  • Pele

    Pele with his third wife Marcia Aoki on their wedding day. The couple were dating since 2010 and were married in 2016. Pele has been married a total of three times.

  • Pele, Pele wife

    Pele first met Marica Aoki in the 1980s and then again in 2008. Aoki is of Japanese-Brazilian origin and is an importer in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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    Pele's full name is Edson Arantes do Nascimento. He was named after Thomas Edson.

  • Pele

    Pele is the son of Dondinho - a former Fluminense footballer. Pele also has two younger siblings.

    Pele: When kick-off approached, only football was in my head, no matter what the distractions.

  • Pele

    Pele's emotional tribute to his mother: On International Women's Day, I want to say thank you to my mother, Dona Celeste. She did everything to allow me to devote myself to my dreams. I want to know - who are you going to pay tribute to today? 

  • Pele

    Pele is a national hero in Brazil for all he has achieved in football. Pele has been an inspiration, not only for footballers, but also people around the globe.

  • Pele

    Pele played for the Brazilian football club Santos for 19 years. He had 638 appearances and scored a whopping 619 goals. He then played for New York Cosmos in 56 appearances and scored 31 goals. 

  • Pele

    A football historian told me last week that on this day in 1972, I scored my 1100th goal - against Napoli. I loved playing in Italy but their defenders were never exactly gentle 

  • Pele

    Pele played for the Brazil national team in 92 matches scoring 77 goals.

  • Pele

    Pele is the current all-time leading goal scorer of Brazil with 77 goals.

  • Pele

    Pele has a world record for the most number of hattricks with 92.

  • Pele

    At age 17, Pele also has the record to be the Youngest FIFA World Cup winner.

  • Pele

    Pele with Diego Maradona: Happy birthday, my friend @maradona. You will probably be having a quiet night in with a good book but I hope you also find time to have a small celebration!

  • Pele

    Pele with Gisele Bundchen: A happy birthday to someone almost as good-looking as me, my fellow Brazilian, @gisele! 

  • Pele

    Pele with Sylvester Stallone: It's the birthday of my friend, @officialslystallone. We were in a football film together. Can anyone quote me a line from it? (And happy birthday, Sly!)

  • Pele

    Pele with Michael Schumacher: Today I want to honour @MichaelSchumacher on his 49th birthday. Keep fighting, my friend. Never give up

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    Pele has numerous FIFA World Cup records - Youngest goalscorer, Youngest to score a hattrick, Youngest to play in a final, Youngest goalscorer in a final

  • Pele

    Pele has won the FIFA World Cup three times with Brazil - 1958, 1962 and 1970.

  • Pele

    He got the nickname 'Pele' during his days in school.

  • Pele

    During his childhood, Pele lived in poverty and also worked as a servant in tea stalls.

  • Pele

    In 2000, Pele was named the FIFA Player of the Century.

    Pele: Everyone needs to visualise what they want to achieve in order to make things happen. Never give up

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    Pele has also acted in a few Hollywood films such as Escape to Victory, Hotshot, Os Trapalhoes e o Rei do Futebol.

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    Pele also had a biopic made on him in 2016. It was named Pele - Birth of a Legend.

  • Pele

    In 1994, Pele was named the Goodwill Ambassador for UNESCO.

  • Pele

    In 1997, Pele was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in Buckingham Palace.

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Last week on October 23, Brazil football legend Pele celebrated his 80th birthday today. Today, we take a look at his journey in football and personal life through some archived, rare photos accompanied by some funny captions on Instagram. (Pictures Courtesy/ Pele Instagram)

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