Simona Halep: These facts about the tennis babe will surprise you!

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  • Simona Halep

    Simona Halep was born in Constanta in Romania to parents Stere and Tania Halep. She is of Aromanian origin and also has an older brother named Nicolae.

  • Simona Halep

    Simona Halep's father was a footballer who played for the club AS Sageata Stejaru and also worked as a technician in zootechnics. He now owns a dairy products factory.

  • Simona Halep

    In 2005, at age 13, Simona played tennis for the ITF Junior Circuit and was a runner-up. The following year she won all the ITF singles titles she entered in.

  • Simona Halep

    Simona Halep turned pro in 2006, however, it was in 2010 that she made her debut in the WTA main draw.

  • Simona Halep

    Between 2017-2019, Simona Halep has held the world number 1 ranking in singles tournaments on two occasions.

  • Simona Halep

    Simona Halep ranks 10th in the history of WTA for staying at the number 1 spot for most weeks with 64.

  • Simona Halep

    Simona Halep has also been at the number one spot in the year-end rankings in 2017 and 2018.

  • Simona Halep

    Since 2014, Simona Halep has not ranked lower than fourth in the WTA rankings and also holds the longest active streak to be ranked in the top 10.

  • Simona Halep

    Simona Halep's career record in tennis is 514 wins – 216 losses as per September 2020.

  • Simona Halep

    Simona Halep has a total of 22 WTA titles as well as 6 ITF titles to her name.

  • Simona Halep

    In the doubles tournament, Simona Halep has a record of 61 wins – 61 losses as per September 2020.

  • Simona Halep

    Simona Halep has won 2 Grand Slam titles - the French Open 2018 and Wimbledon 2019.

  • Simona Halep

    Simona Halep has reached the Australian Open final in 2018 and the US Open semifinal in 2015.

  • Simona Halep

    Simona Halep also has a few awards to her name. She has been named the WTA Most Popular Player of the Year for two consecutive years in 2014 and 2015.

  • Simona Halep

    Simona Halep was also named the WTA Fan Favorite Singles Player for two consecutive years in 2017 and 2018.

  • Simona Halep

    Simona Halep had undergone a breast reduction surgery at the age of 17. Simona Halep had revealed that as she had big breasts it would affect her game. She further said that her 'biggest sacrifice' was made only to reach the number 1 spot.

  • Simona Halep

    After she defeated Serena Williams to win Wimbledon in 2019, Simona Halep said, 'My mom said when I was 10 that if I want to do something in tennis I have to play in the final at Wimbledon. I had lots of nerves, my stomach wasn't very well. I have never played a better match. I said at the start of the tournament that one of my motivations was to win and become a lifetime member of the club.'

  • Simona Halep

    Simona Halep is currently in a relationship with Macedonian businessman Toni Iuruc.

  • Simona Halep

    In picture: Simona Halep and her businessman boyfriend Toni Iuruc celebrating New Year's 2020.

  • Simona Halep

    Simona Halep has mentioned that her favourite idols in tennis are Justine Henin and Andrei Pavel. However, her main idol in sports remains former Romanian footballer Gheorghe Hagi.

  • Simona HalepSimona Halep

    Simona Halep shared this picture with Brazilian football legend Ronaldo. She captioned it, 'IL FENOMENO'.

  • Simona Halep

    Simona Halep shared this picture with some of her friends at an outing.

  • Simona Halep

    Simona Halep shared this picture with her dear ones during an occasion and captioned it #family

  • Simona Halep

    Simona Halep shared this picture with her coach and captioned it, 'Great dinner with this special person @dc10s #bestcoach #greatperson #wimbledonvibes'.

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