Elisabet Elli AvrRam is celebrating singlehood with madness during lockdown

Updated: Apr 19, 2020, 08:06 | Pratiksha Mestry
  • Elisabet Elli AvrRam, lockdown

    Elisabet Elli AvrRam is having a gala time being at home. One should really learn how to be occupied and keep yourself happy at such difficult times. "Time to just chill and enjoy life just like Garfield. Imagine, relaxing at home doing nothing or doing a lot, is 0% selfish. Embrace this time you've been given. It's a learning and blessing from above. Wake up and see the bigger msg. You're helping Earth [sic]" All pictures/Elisabet Elli AvrRam

  • Elisabet Elli AvrRam, lockdown

    Eli has been showcasing her bubbly self on social media and keeping it cool to motivate her fans. She captioned this one, "10 days of Quarantine! Follow the rules, but stay light and strong. We can do this guys!!! Love, light and strength to you all. [sic]"

  • Elisabet Elli AvrRam, lockdown

    This post really looked relatable, and not for one or two, but many! "Me looking at the watch, wishing it was a TIME MACHINE! If you guys had one, what year would you want to go back to? I personally think summer 2005 for sure....hehe."

  • Elisabet Elli AvrRam, lockdown

    "Good morning, Good afternoon, Goodnight? When does your day start and end these days?" Even we are confused, Elli!

  • Elisabet Elli AvrRam, lockdown

    The actress has been dressing up and sitting at home. Well, many of us are! "Last night's twist! I'm all good!!! Hmm or are those conspiracy theories true. Hmmm damn it....lol"

  • Elisabet Elli AvrRam, lockdown

    Elisabet Elli AvrRam also shared a video of her dressed into Katrina Kaif's avatar from Sheila Ki Jawani. "Single ladies in quarantine these days be finding romance in new imaginary ways... (I've always had a soft corner for roses...so)"

  • Elisabet Elli AvrRam, lockdown

    Ever since the lockdown has been extended, it has become more difficult for the people to be at home on daily basis. "Quarantine Day7300. Life is indeed pretty much the same so far. Still cooking, discussing the news, conspiracy theories and giggling while talking to Mr. 'Potential'!! Hope you are all keeping well my Darlings! Stay positive and keep faith, we shall step out soon. Toodiloo from me, Aunt Elli"

  • Elisabet Elli AvrRam, lockdown

    In this post, Elli AvrRam shared how desperately she wishes to go out and cut the social distancing! "Mujhe bahar jaaaaana hai. Rahul ke paas...Lol just kidding. There is no Rahul so far [sic]"

  • Elisabet Elli AvrRam, lockdown

    "Covid-19 I think I found the solution," captioned the actress! We really hope this to end soon, Elli!

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