From body-shaming to overcoming stereotypes, Bani J has a come long way

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    Gurbani Judge, better known as VJ Bani and also Bani J, a well-known Indian fitness model, who is also an actress and an MTV India presenter, is known for participating in MTV Roadies. The reality show contestant has climbed her way up to where there's no turning back through sheer hard work. She was a contestant on the reality show Bigg Boss 10 and became the first runner-up. As she gears up for the second season of her web series, Four More Shots Please, let's take a look at her journey through pictures. All pictures/Bani J's Instagram account

  • Bani J, Bani Judge, Four More Shots

    For the uninitiated, Bani Judge started her career by competing in the reality show MTV Roadies (season 4) where she was the runner up. She continued her collaboration with MTV with season 5. She also was one of the best performing contestants in a season of Khatron Ke Khiladi.

  • Bani J, Bani Judge, Four More Shots

    Bani, who is recognised by her inked body and chiselled physique, has also extended her performance to the big screen, apart from her MTV stints. The fitness diva made her fiction debut with Vikas Gupta's period drama Rani Mahal. She was last seen in a Telugu film Thikka.

  • Bani J, Bani Judge, Four More Shots

    But did you know Bani J was also a part of Himesh Reshammiya's film Aap Kaa Surroor - The Real Luv Story. For those who didn't see her blink-and-miss-role, Bani, in the movie, played Riya's (Hansika Motwani) friend and Shravan Kumar's (Shravan) girlfriend.

  • Later, Bani was also seen in Navv Inder's music video Att Tere Yaar as his love interest. In 2016, she entered the Bigg Boss 10 house, and it turned her life upside down! Those who followed the 10th season will agree on how much Bani has endured in the house with her celebrity friends. Her journey ended with her becoming the first runner-up of the season. She was known for her controversial fights with Lopamudra Raut.

  • Bani J, Bani Judge, Four More Shots

    Speaking of Bani Judge's personal life, the VJ is from Chandigarh. Bani is very close to her mother Tanya Judge and sister Saneya. Speaking about her father, he is a businessman in Chandigarh.

  • Bani J, Bani Judge, Four More Shots

    Bani J has been often criticised for her physique and lifestyle. As we all know, Bani loves being in shape, and she has left no stone unturned to achieve what she has desired. Why won't she? A huge shout out for her disciplined workout sessions! In an interview, Bani confessed how she takes her body and food seriously.

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    Sharing her plan, Bani J said, "I consume whole ingredients, which refer to items that have nothing added to them. Eggs, sweet potatoes and rice are whole foods. Bread, on the other hand, has added elements. I have more than 370gms of carbohydrates a day. My body blossoms with white rice. I am against the idea of removing a food group from my diet."

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    Bani J further added, "The gym has always been a constant in my life. I started training at 19. I stepped into the gym to build a [strong] body. I wanted to adopt this lifestyle. When I struggled to pick up a 20 kg bar initially, I told myself, 'Are you stupid?' So, a lot of my coaching happened like that. I did [exercises] that were tough for the boys. I didn't want to be 'strong for a girl'. I just wanted to be strong."

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    Bani also revealed how she has seen her mom battling cancer. "My mother, a single woman living in the small town of Chandigarh, used to train religiously. I was six years old, and she was in her late 20s. She would try body-building. I remember sitting on a gym bench with my sister, sipping on [aerated drinks], and watching her work out in a facility that was — like it is today — dominated by the boys. I'd see her eat healthy because she was battling cancer since I was three. She'd pack brown bread sandwiches, and eat her eggs [regularly]. I've grown up noticing that."

  • Bani J, Bani Judge, Four More Shots

    Fitness did not come overnight for this one. Bani J has always been inspired by a lifestyle which leads to a healthy road. "My sister and I would enjoy making the journey to school early in the morning. We liked the athletic lifestyle we lived, then going on to take part in cross-country relays. That built my foundation in fitness."

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    Bani J is against body shaming and says it started from the media. Talking about body shaming towards celebrities, Bani said: "It all has started from media, beauty magazines back in the year 2000 where people started the constant talk of how to get flawless body and skin using certain beauty product. Fashion magazine, beauty magazine started promoting the whole thing and the unrealistic desire of getting perfect body!"

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    Bani J also criticised how people humiliated her but that didn't affect her much. "Well, I would say that people tried to humiliate me but they could not succeed because I do not care.... Why should I care on the comments of people who do not know how physical training and weight lifting helped me to grow stronger mentally, physically and spiritually? They don't know anything."

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    While speaking at a summit a few years ago, Bani Judge said, "I can understand the kind of pressure when you wake up a day and you find yourself fat one day because you are working on a project which is in the limelight. No matter where you are, people are taking pictures of you and they don't even think before making comments but the kind of damage it can do, you can't imagine that state. It hurts, it really does."

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    Bani Judge also mentioned, "I was being called manly for having muscles. Muscles are only for those who have testicles and if you don't then you shouldn't have them. I have been told this for years. I was like, okay I have balls too, does that make it okay?"

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    Now, as Bani J is all set for the new season of Four More Shots, we take a peek at the journey of the actress, who is all set to kickstart a new chapter in her career.

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    During an interview with the press, Lisa Ray, who is also a part of Four More Shots, revealed her first impression about Bani. "I joined the show after some back and forth due to personal commitments. During our first reading together was when I met my co-star Bani. I went in and sat next to her, and she was like talking in this whisper and then looked at me and I was like, 'wow, this is a problem!' How are we going to do this? She was so shy."

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    Bani clarified and added, "I was just trying not to spook her so she wouldn't leave," she explained, on her guarded behaviour with Lisa during that first reading session. The second season of the series is all set to hit the web on April 17 only on Amazon Prime Video in India.

  • Bani J, Bani Judge, Four More Shots

    The story picks up from the previous season's cliffhanger ending, bringing back stories of four unapologetically flawed ladies who live, love, blunder and discover what it really takes to build everlasting friendships in Mumbai. Produced by Pritish Nandy Communications Ltd, the show is created by Rangita Pritish Nandy. We wish you all the luck, Bani!

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