From clicking selfies to shaking a leg, Sanya Malhotra is keeping herself amused!

Updated: Apr 25, 2020, 07:28 | Nikita Sawant
  • Sanya Malhotra, coronavirus, covid-19

    Take it from Bollywood celebrities to help us with ways to kill the time during the extended coronavirus lockdown. Take Sanya Malhotra, for instance. The Dangal girl has been spending her time clicking selfies and dancing her heart out at home! (All pictures/Sanya Malhotra's Instagram account)

  • Sanya Malhotra, coronavirus, covid-19

    Sanya has also been spending a lot of quality time with her cat. Here she is giving the cat a big old kiss. The cat, however, looks irked! 

  • Sanya Malhotra, coronavirus, covid-19

    Sanya Malhotra is not only a good actor, but she's quite a brilliant dancer as well. She flaunted her moves in this video where she replicated Jennifer Lopez' dance moves for the #jlosuperbowlchallenge.

  • Sanya Malhotra, coronavirus, covid-19

    Speaking of Sanya's selfies, here's another one of her. Doesn't she look stunning?

  • Sanya Malhotra, coronavirus, covid-19

    Sanya also went ahead and shared a throwback photo, asking her social media followers to not pay attention to the date on the photo. She quipped, "Kuch dino pehle selfie li thi #pleaseignorethatdate itni purani nahi hai (had clicked a selfie a few days ago #pleaseignorethatdate it's not that old)."

  • Sanya Malhotra, coronavirus, covid-19

    Sanya M's cat, too, can be seen chilling and making the most of the time she's getting with the actress. It sure is a cat's life!

  • Sanya Malhotra, coronavirus, covid-19

    This is another video of Sanya grooving to MR LoVa - by Yung Felix. Sharing this video, Sanya wrote, "During these intense times, it' so important to shake off fear, stress and anxiety... also, remember we are in this together... stay safe and STAY HOME."

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