From Paneer Tikka to Kashmiri Pulao: Divyanka Tripathi-Vivek Dahiya take up cooking in lockdown

Updated: Apr 03, 2020, 07:18 | Pratiksha Mestry
  • Vivek Dahiya, Divyanka Tripathi

    Vivek Dahiya and Divyanka Tripathi are on a cooking spree. From working out together to trying their hand on various cuisine, the actress has done it all during her lockdown period! "Shakahari saatvik paushtik bhartiya pasta khichdi, "Pasta-e-Hind." Bringing my inner chef out! #PastaEHind #MadeWithLove #HusbandTurnsChef [sic]" All pictures/Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya's Instagram account

  • Vivek Dahiya, Divyanka Tripathi

    The actress also shared a funny video where she is seen fighting the virus, but in a different way! "To those who are still not sitting back at home and spreading Virus... Zyada daring mat bano na!! Thoda Corona se daro na!! #StayHome [sic]"

  • Vivek Dahiya, Divyanka Tripathi

    Divyanka also shared a video to stay safe. She also took the #SafeHandChallenge like a boss! "For those who missed several other #HandWash videos and are still washing hands in old fashioned buckets. Posting it cuz I was nominated...but isn't it a good reminder too? @ektaravikapoor...finally kar dikhaya! @smritiiraniofficial [sic]"

  • Vivek Dahiya, Divyanka Tripathi

    In one of the posts, Divyanka Tripathi expressed how much she miss roads and long drives! "Haven't sat in a car since so long! Oh those days! @delhi.times Our #SundayMuse #DivyankaTripathiDahiya making us miss those road trips! [sic]"

  • Vivek Dahiya, Divyanka Tripathi

    While Divyanka Tripathi missed something, Vivek Dahiya found his new love, and it was really a revelation! "New found love. Wish I had started before. #Shirshasana #Headstand #InvertedYogaPose #Yoga [sic]"

  • Vivek Dahiya, Divyanka Tripathi

    Here's what Divyanka Tripathi made. It was none other than #KashmiriPulao for two... "And it tasted good," shared Divyanka!

  • Vivek Dahiya, Divyanka Tripathi

    On one of the days, Divyanka Tripathi also cooked some tikkas. "Homemade #PaneerTikka anyone? Pati loved it...and why won't he...he has to be home next 21 days! [sic]"

  • Vivek Dahiya, Divyanka Tripathi

    Its Quarantine And Chill for the duo right now, apart from being safe and healthy! 

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