From shooting to sight-seeing, Mouni Roy enjoys her London stay

Updated: 21 September, 2020 08:18 IST | Pratiksha Mestry
  • Mouni Roy, London

    Mouni Roy, who was stuck in Abu Dhabi as the lockdown in India started, returned to the bay in July. As soon as she was back, the actress left for London, to shoot for the next project. Mouni, who was last seen Made in China, is back on the screen. All pictures/Mouni Roy's Instagram account

  • Mouni Roy, London

    Mouni Roy was in London for work, and while she was shooting, she got some time out to explore the beautiful architecture. She also did some yoga while in the city. 

  • Mouni Roy, London

    In a media interaction, Mouni Roy shared, "I am quite petrified and nervous as actors are the only people on a set, who wouldn't wear any masks or gloves while shooting or in a shot. But I was dying to work and be on a set, so we kind of have to get used to the new normal. Let's see how it goes."

  • Mouni Roy, London

    The Potterhead further added, "It is my first time under the circumstances, so I will know and understand better as we start shooting. I have been promised that all the safety measures would be taken and social distancing would be practised on set. So, I am hoping for the best. One day at a time."

  • Mouni Roy, London

    The actress also shared her flight experience when she fled for the new city in July. She said, "We are calling it the new normal while waiting for the new world but it's not just as much fun as it used to be. I used to look forward to the long flights as I like reading and watching movies and sleeping in between for 15-20 minutes every hour. But the experience was not like that at all."

  • Mouni Roy, London

    The actress left for London to shoot London Confidential, an OTT film. As the movie hits the web on September 18, she said in an interview with IANS, "When I read the script for the first time I really liked it but at the same time, I had lots of questions. How would the makers treat the story, the plot for which we did multiple zoom calls with the director, I wondered."

  • Mouni Roy, London

    "Additionally, the backdrop of the film is the Chinese conspiracy and the world going through a virus pandemic that originated from the region. It felt so surreal and strange at that time to think about shooting during a pandemic about a pandemic," Mouni Roy concluded.

  • Mouni Roy, London

    We wish the dancing diva good luck on the release of her digital debut.

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