Gokul, Colaba

Updated: Mar 13, 2019, 11:27 | Shrikrishna Iyer
  • Gokul, Colaba

    On Tulloch Road, past the magical stretch of Colaba Causeway - that is forever dazzling with knick-knacks, jewellery, and other offerings - sits Gokul.

  • Gokul, Colaba

    The familiar smell of chicken lollipops, tandoori pomfret and Old Monk is unmissable at this dark and dingy den that is abuzz with chatter and candour 24x7.

  • Gokul, Colaba

    The iconic Gokul restaurant and bar is frequented by college-goers, foreigners and off-duty navy men all seated in their usual corners. It's one of Mumbai's favourite dive bar.

  • Gokul, Colaba

    The restaurant seating is divided into two levels - upstairs and downstairs. The upper level is air-conditioned and the downstairs is non-airconditioned. These sections are further sub-divided into smoking and non-smoking sections.

  • Gokul, Colaba

    Gokul Restaurant emphasizes more on functionality instead of aesthetics. The lack of over-the-top decoration has a unique charm.

  • Gokul, Colaba

    Gokul restaurant sells alcoholic beverages at good prices along with its slips making dishes. Thus the restaurants achieved cult status among the students of institutes in the area. It has become one of the popular restaurants in Mumbai.

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Gokul restaurant and bar is well known for its' its reasonable alcoholic beverages in the Colaba area. The bar is quite popular among Mumbaikars, as journalists, lawyers, researchers and businessmen working in the South Mumbai area frequent at this bar after work to have a great time. All Pics/ Ashish Rane