Here's what Ananya Birla likes to do in her free time

Updated: Oct 15, 2019, 16:42 | Sunny Rodricks
  • Ananya Birla

    Ananya Birla, the eldest daughter of business tycoon Kumar Mangalam Birla and Neerja Birla, is making a successful career in music. Ananya loves travelling, writing, playing football and sweating it out at the gym.

  • Ananya Birla

    The 25-year-old singer has studied economics and management from the University of Oxford, United Kingdom.

  • Ananya Birla

    Besides being an educationist, Ananya Birla is also an environmentalist at heart. The sixth generation of the Birla family is often seen taking part in noble causes and contributing towards a cleaner and greener environment. While sharing the picture, Ananya captioned it: We started small, but started somewhere!

    In picture: Ananya Birla gets her hands dirty in order to clean the Mahim beach in Mumbai.

  • Ananya Birla

    In picture: Showing off her love for modelling, Ananya Birla can be seen walking the ramp with actor and model Rannvijay Singha at an event in Mumbai.

  • Ananya Birla

    Ananya Birla may be a singer and performer but the bold and fearless scion of the Birla family also knows how to punch (As evident from the picture). Ananya Birla captions the picture: A big punch is on its way!

  • Ananya Birla

    Ananya Birla loves spending time in the pool, and this picture is proof enough.

  • Ananya Birla

    In an interview with mid-day, Ananya Birla revealed that fitness is an important part of her routine. She further said that she learned swimming as a child and later moved on to the gym. She also swears by boxing, pilates, and yoga.

    In the picture, Ananya Birla can be seen performing plank as she captions it: Planking on a dream!

  • Ananya Birla

    In picture: Ananya Birla shows off her driving skills in a convertible. Ananya writes: Dream

  • Ananya Birla

    Ananya Birla loves sports and it's not just football but also basketball. The 25-year-old shared this boomerang video where she is seen balancing a basketball. While sharing the video, Ananya wrote: It's all about the balance!!!

  • Ananya Birla

    Ananya Birla shared this picture of herself playing football in the summer of April 2017. Ananya captions this one: Let's kickstart the summer and ended her caption with a football emoticon.

  • Ananya Birla, Mussoorie

    Ananya Birla is also a foodie at heart. She loves exploring different cultures and their food habits. Sharing a leaf out of her travel diaries, Ananya is seen relishing corn on her family trip to Mussoorie.

  • Ananya Birla

    In picture: Ananya Birla sips on hot chai after a shoot. While sharing this picture, Ananya wrote: Post shoot Chai!

  • Ananya Birla, Warsaw, Poland

    Giving a glimpse of her childish and fun side, Ananya captioned this picture: Life is too short to not be silly and not look like a fool sometimes. I have no idea why I agreed to do this.

  • Ananya Birla, La Jolla Beach, California

    Ananya Birla with a surfboard on the La Jolla Beach, California. Showing off her love for surfing, Ananya shared this photo from a beach in California. Ananya captioned the picture with a fish and surfing emoticons.

  • Ananya Birla

    Ananya Birla captions this one: Writing makes me happy!

  • Ananya Birla

    Ananya Birla also loves trekking and being amidst nature. Here, Ananya Birla jokes about how she tripped (pun intended) on her trekking trip. Ananya writes: Just before I tripped!

  • Ananya Birla

    Ananya Birla is also a mental health activist. The Birla scion never shies away from raising her voice for mental health and create awareness regarding the stigma associated with mental health. Ananya shared this picture on the occasion of World Suicide Prevention Day and urged everyone to make the world a better place to live in.

  • Ananya Birla

    In picture: Ananya Birla shows her bold and fierce side as she enjoys a game of snooker during her free time.

  • Ananya Birla

    The singing sensation loves dogs and has two pets names Skai and Snoppy and always spends time with them.

    In picture: Ananya Birla enjoys being a pet mother as she gets playful with her dog Skai.

  • Ananya Birla, Antwerp, Belgium

    Ananya Birla, who has been papped and snapped by paparazzi on numerous occasions is also a photographer. Ananya turns photographer for her friends in Antwerp, Belgium. In the picture, Ananya Birla takes a perfect click of her friends as she captions this one: Sometimes it's good to be behind the camera!

  • Ananya Birla

    Ananya captioned this picture: I really needed a nap. Akshita Shah bought this for me and she is regretting it because now I can sleep anywhere.

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Singer, musician, entrepreneur, social activist Ananya Birla is quite passionate about her career. But it's not music alone that keeps Ananya Birla going. Today, we show you what the singer loves to do during her spare time. (All Pictures Courtesy/Instagram Ananya Birla)

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