How to keep calm and stay positive during lockdown? Learn it from the Mohan sisters!

Updated: Mar 29, 2020, 09:57 | Pratiksha Mestry
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a lockdown on March 25, 2020, while the entire world is currently facing a difficult time, let's take a look at how Mohan sisters are dealing with it! "We are happy to be back home after a fab trip in Australia. Although we had to cut it short but looking at the health advisory issued around the world for COVID-19 it is best to be back home. We have already started self- isolation. Just wanna urge everyone to be safe. Don't panic. This shall pass soon [sic]" posted Neeti Mohan. All pictures/Shakti, Mukti and Neeti Mohan's Instagram account

  • Later, as soon as they reached home, Neeti shared, "Taking one step at a time. Day 1 of lockdown used well! I was humming the song in the" fallin' " by Alicia keys (an absolute favourite) and found @mohanshakti gliding down the staircase. And we started jamming aur kuch aisa hua. [sic]" Looks like Mohan sisters know how to have fun during this lockdown period.

  • Neeti Mohan has left no stone unturned to inspire her social media followers with her melodious voice! "Meditative nature of music is healing. Prayers for everyone’s safety from COVID- 19. Please follow the guidelines given by the authorities diligently. When the times get tough Music always comes as a rescue. [sic]" True, indeed!

  • While Neeti Mohan was busy singing, Shakti Mohan did what she is good at! "My afternoons are like Stretch - Watch News What are yours like? #quarantineandchill #stayhome #corona days [sic]" 

  • We must fight this together and should do everything to prevent the spread. #21dayslockdown
    Let's give strength to all the patients and doctors fighting it every day and night.
    At this moment all we can do is Stay positive and pray for everyone's wellbeing

  • While many can't help but panic during these 21 days of lockdown, Shakti Mohan shared a powerful message with a heartfelt smile. She posted the picture and wrote, "Quarantino feels #stayhomestaysafe Love you all [sic]"

  • On the other hand, Mukti Mohan did her bit by doing some yoga amid the lockdown season! "Breathe into the moments of resistance. #MuktGyaan @neetimohan18 Day 14 of #isolation
    #quarantinelife in a farm. [sic]"

  • Keeping it light and humourous on social media, the sisters shared, "SISTARANTINED Keeping the humour alive in times of Quarantine togetha!! [sic]"

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