In photos: California wildfires burn through homes, forest; devastates 1.5 million acres of land

Updated: 27 August, 2020 09:09 IST | Sherlin Rajan
  • California wildfires

    Three massive wildfires chewed through parched Northern California landscape as firefighters raced to dig breaks and make other preparations ahead of a frightening weather system packing high winds and more of the lightning that sparked the huge blazes.

  • California wildfires

    There were hundreds of other wildfires burning across the state and nearly 2,50,000 people were under evacuation orders and warnings.

  • California wildfires

    Thousands of firefighters struggled to put out the historic wildfires in California, with potentially dangerous lighting storms proving milder than expected and temperatures easing.

    In picture: People watch the Walbridge fire, part of the larger LNU Lightning Complex fire, from a vineyard in Healdsburg, California.

  • California wildfires

    Helicopters dropped more than 200000 gallons (over 757,082 litres) of water on the blaze to put out the fire.

    In picture: An aircraft drops fire retardant on a ridge during the Walbridge fire, part of the larger LNU Lightning Complex fire as flames continued to spread in Healdsburg, California.

  • California wildfires

    California has had more than 13,000 lightning strikes since August 15, sparking more than 600 wildfires statewide that have burned 4,856 square kilometers, an official was quoted by AP as saying.

  • California wildfires

    More than 1,200 buildings have been destroyed. The number is bound to increase as residents are allowed back into neighborhoods and inspectors get a better look.

    In picture: A resident looks over the charred remains of his family home in Vacaville, California. 

  • California wildfires

    A fire in wine country north of San Francisco and another southeast of the city have within a week grown to be two of the three largest fires in state history, with both burning 1,295 square kilometres.

    In picture: A wine barrel among the charred remains of the La Borgata Winery in Vacaville, California.

  • California wildfires

    The wind countryfire has been the most deadly and destructive blaze, accounting for five deaths and 845 destroyed homes and other buildings. Three of the victims were in a home that was under an evacuation order.

    In picture: A 'Vaca Strong' message is painted onto a burned hillside in Vacaville, California.

  • California wildfires

    Over the last week, California has been hit by 650 wildfires across the state, many sparked by more than 12,000 lightning strikes recorded since August 15. Over 14,000 firefighters. 2,400 engines and 95 aircrafts have been battling the fires.

    In picture: A sign asking for privacy is put up in the middle of a street in Bucktown, California.

  • California wildfires

    The Santa Cruz fire is one of three "complexes", or groups of fires, burning on all sides of the San Francisco Bay Area. All were started by lightning.

    In picture: UC Davis Veterinary Medicine employees check the health of a horse in Vacaville.

  • California wildfires

    In Southern California, a blaze held steady for more than 10 days at just under 50 square miles (106 square kilometers) near Lake Hughes in northern Los Angeles County mountains.

  • California wildfires

    Authorities said their firefighting effort in Santa Cruz was hindered by people who refused to evacuate and some were using the chaos to loot. Hundreds of officers have been patrolling in the area and anyone not authorised to be in an evacuation zone would be arrested.

    In picture: A resident looks at a cup found in the burned remains of her home during in Vacaville.

  • California wildfires

    In picture: A rooster walks by a burned vehicle in Vacaville.

  • California wildfires

    In picture: A sign thanking first responders is put up on a driveway in Bucktown, California.

  • California wildfires

    In picture: A resident cries while hugging a family member after seeing the burned remains of their home in Vacaville.

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Massive wildfires raged through Northern California landscape burning through homes and devastating forest. At least 7,012 fires in California have burnt 1.5 million acres of land in the state so far this year. Six people have died and thousands have evacuated. Most of the destruction has been caused by three large fires in mountainous and wooded rural areas. (Pictures/AFP)

First Published: 27 August, 2020 09:00 IST