In Pictures: Sex scandals involving Indian politicians

Updated: 06 September, 2018 14:29 IST
  • In Pictures: Sex scandals involving Indian politicians

    Sandeep Kumar: In 2016, Social Welfare Minister Sandeep Kumar was removed from his post by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal after the latter received and alleged sex CD. According to reports, the nine-minute video shows Kumar in a 'compromising position having sex with two women' and also has some photographs. In September, Kumar was arrested by Delhi Police after a woman alleged that he had raped her and secretly filmed the act after spiking her drink. Sandeep Kumar's AAP membership was suspended and he was subsequently expelled from the party. He was given bail in November 2016 on grounds that the trial would have to submit a detailed explanation to justify his actions were that of rape.

  • In Pictures: Sex scandals involving Indian politicians

    Amar Singh: Back in 2011, a controversial tape allegedly featuring sexual conversations between the actress Bipasha Basu and politician Amar Singh were leaked. Bipasha Basu vehemently denied allegations that the voice in the tape was hers. Bipasha Basu also released a statement on Twitter saying, "Please request you all to go and hear the conversation first and then if you still think it’s me, I openly challenge anyone to prove it is me!" While, in an interview with TOI, Amar Singh had agreed to the voice being his, but he was not talking to Bipasha Basu. Amar Singh said, "I am not denying it is my voice – but that is not how I would speak to a lady. I have spoken that line to a naughty male friend of mine – some bitchy men to men talk. It is along the lines of “I have become old, I am not interested in girls” conversation. I’d like to make clear that it is not Bipasha."

  • In Pictures: Sex scandals involving Indian politicians

    Azam Khan: During the 2009 general elections, Jaya Prada, the then SP candidate from Rampur, alleged that senior and rival leader Azam Khan distributed morphed nude pictures of her, to ensure her defeat in the polls. According to Jaya Pradha, Khan 'distributed doctored and morphed pictures' of her in the nude

  • In Pictures: Sex scandals involving Indian politicians

    Abhishek Manu Singhvi: In 2012, a CD went viral, which allegedly showed the senior Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi in a compromising position with a female advocate inside what seemed like a court chamber room. Reportedly, he exploited her on the pretext of offering her a job. The video went viral as many websites on social media and content sharing platforms uploaded it. Singhvi had to resign as chairman of the parliamentary committee and Congress party spokesperson in a damage control exercise

  • In Pictures: Sex scandals involving Indian politicians

    Amarmani Tripathi: A seven-months pregnant Madhumitha Shukla, who was a poet, was shot to death in 2003. Madhumita was allegedly carrying the child of three-time MLA from UP Amarmani Tripathi and according to a post-mortem report, the DNA matched. Madhumita and Amarmani were allegedly having an affair even though the latter was already married. In 2007, the politician and his wife Madhumani were found guilty of murdering the poetess and were handed life-sentences

  • In Pictures: Sex scandals involving Indian politicians

    Gopal Kanda: It is still not clear what kind of relationship former air-hostess Geetika and the former Haryana minister Gopal Kanda shared, but there have been reports that the two were very close at one point in time. Geetika, however, ended up committing suicide, blaming Kanda for using her and driving her to take the extreme step. It is alleged that Kanda sexually exploited Geetika by promising to marry her. According to police investigations, she allegedly even underwent abortions

  • In Pictures: Sex scandals involving Indian politicians

    Mahipal Maderna: Bhanwari was an auxiliary nurse and midwife in Jodhpur. She was allegedly blackmailing Mahipal Maderna based on a CD, which showed the politician in a compromising position with her. Devi went missing in September 2011, and her body was discovered a few days later. Maderna was arrested in connection with the same

  • In Pictures: Sex scandals involving Indian politicians

    N D Tiwari: In 2009, a leading Telugu channel conducted a sting operation in which the controversial Congress leader N D Tiwari was allegedly seen bed with three women at his official residence. Tiwari had an affair Ujjwala Sharma, a former Congress activist, many years ago, which led to the birth of a child, Rohit. Tiwari, however, refused to acknowledge his paternity in spite of DNA tests in 2012 proving the same. In March 2014, he finally accepted Rohit as his son

  • In Pictures: Sex scandals involving Indian politicians

    Omar Abdullah: In July 2009, Omar Abdullah had to quit as J&K Chief Minister over allegations of his involvement in a sex scandal. In the sensational sex scandal that rocked the state in 2006, a minor girl in Srinagar had accused senior politicians, bureaucrats, paramilitary and police officers of raping her. He, however, resumed office after Governor N N Vohra refused to accept his resignation

  • In Pictures: Sex scandals involving Indian politicians

    Harak Singh Rawat: In 2003, the former Uttaranchal minister Harak Singh Rawat found himself in the midst of a storm after he was accused by an Assamese woman of having fathered her child. Indira Devi alias Jeeni alleged that the minister got into a physical relationship with her against her wishes. According to media reports, she told CBI that Rawat promised her a job and lured her into a relationship

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