In Pictures: When Salman Khan lost his cool on 'Bigg Boss'

In Pictures: When Salman Khan lost his cool on 'Bigg Boss'

This year 'Bigg Boss 10' has seen many unsavoury comments, most of them courtesy Om Swami. Host Salman Khan is in no mood to disregard any of him hurtful statements. Salman Khan, recently, lost his cool and was very unforgiving of Om Swami's deeds against the other contestants. The unapologetic Om Swami gets into a tirade without giving anyone an opportunity to speak. But upset with Swami's responses, Salman flips completely and tells Om Swami from now on he will address him as Om; citing Swami has bought shame to the title. Even Priyanka Jagga gets burnt by Salman's wrath for shamelessly defending Om Swami's outlandish behaviour. Salman ended the session giving Swami an ultimatum that he needs to clean up his act in the house.

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With 'Bigg Boss 10' finale being held on Saturday, here's a look back at the times when the 'Bigg Boss' host and Bollywood superstar Salman Khan lost his cool on the popular reality TV show

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