Inspiring! This person cross-dresses as 'Bad Girls' who defy stereotypes

Updated: 01 March, 2017 15:52 IST
  • Kajol
    "Kajol as Anjali from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai gave me all that unibrow femme bad girl tom boy aesthetics I needed! Also please let her ultra saturated neon orange gig shine brighter and overpower Trump's Overgrown Orangutan inaugural descent into hell," wrote Abhijeet. All pictures courtesy: Abhijeet's Instagram account @bon_abhijeet
  • Kareena Kapoor Khan
    "Fashion superstar and original Bollywood diva Bebo aka Kareena Kapoor aka Pooja aka POO from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham giving you all the classics "Good Looks, Good Looks and Good Looks", wearing different shoes on different feet, being unashamedly narcissistic and self-absorbed which is a very legit way of self-care and feeling ones own oats. Kylie Jenner could never ever come close, WHATEVER," wrote Abhijeet
  • Inspiring! This person cross-dresses as 'Bad Girls' who defy stereotypes
    "Desi Girl who's here to make you feel Exotic, In My City. Priyanka Chopra as Alex Parrish in Quantico is so important because 1. She's amazing 2. The show is amazing 3. How cool is it to see an Indian girl lead an American Drama without her Indian-ness being the focus of her character? Enjoy your People's Choice Award and try to say dumb stuff at red carpets," wrote Abhijeet
  • Rakhi Sawant
    "My queen of item songs, reality TV, outspokenness and born to be a meme - Rakhi Sawant! She's sexually liberated and open in a way that isn't tied to westernization, English speaking ability and class/wealth. And I think that's what makes her an icon for me. Also the fact that anything she ever says is instantly a meme and hilarious. She's wearing a dress with Indian Prime Minister Modi on it, like 5G's," wrote Abhijeet
  • Kalpana Chawla
    "Pioneer, scientific mastermind, NASA astronaut, the first woman of Indian origin in OUTERSPACE Kalpana Chawla! It's so important to celebrate women in science, and to be honest Chawla was someone who's accomplishments we grew up reading about. Her untimely death returning back to earth, makes her only shine brighter as one of the baddest beti's," wrote Abhijeet
  • Rani of Jhansi
    "How better to celebrate Republic Day in India - January 26th - than with historical badass beti Rani Lakshmibai aka Rani of Jhansi aka Jhansi Ki Rani. Although she grew up and married into in royalty, she went through a lot of c**p from the British colonists. She was one of leaders in the first war of independence in 1857, riding into battle on horseback and sword, with her son strapped to her - leading the rebellion and trying to get her son to safety. This is also how I imagine riding into protests and parties against Cheesepuff Hitler," wrote Abhijeet
  • Mindy Kaling
    "MISS COMEDY QUEEN Mindy Kaling. She does stand up, writes, directs, produces and acts in sitcoms and honestly is a very visible icon in the interior of brown women and body positivity and FASHION AESTHETICS," wrote Abhijeet
  • M.I.A.
    "I mean... We all knew this was gonna happen so let's just get it out of the way. Day 6 of #BadBeti's is OG #BadGirl, international activist, someone's whose music so effortlessly flows through me and my drag - M.I.A. I mean her music videos are visuals pieces of art, she's a stunt queen live, she LITERALLY flipped of the cameras while performing at the Super Bowl. I'm already the best M.I.A. impersonator on the east side of boystown, but I wanna go on tour with her and do backup/be in her music video," wrote Abhijeet
  • Malavika Rane-Kashyap
    "I've been working on this photo series for the past few weeks inspired by @hatecopy's #BadBeti's - Indian femmes that don't play by the rules and have served as some kind of inspiration to my growth. And the person to start this off with is my smart, talented and always beautiful sister @malavika666. She's a smartass, a model, an actress and now a financial expert at an international banking firm - I don't even know how to begin to explain how much she means to me and how much growing up with her has shaped my confidence, my strength and my laziness. Happy Birthday, and I love you and this photo of you, and thank you for everything ever!," wrote Abhijeet
  • Madhu Bai Kinnar
    "Madhu Bai Kinnar - She is the first openly transgender woman to be elected into office, as the mayor of Raigarh in the state of Chattisgrah. Not only is she a trans woman, but also a Dalit which means she overcame a lot of obstructions and oppositions. She ran as an independent candidate, advocating in the area with her trans sisters and hijras. We support you! You're changing lives and mindsets! One of the many signs of India opening dialogue on trans issues, including the legal recognition of a third gender. Wish I could have been back in Mumbai for the Queer Azaadi March where Pride for us is still a protest," wrote Abhijeet
  • Gangubai Kothewali
    "The Matriarch of Kamathipura - Gangubai Kothewali. She was a Mafia Queen and brothel madam in Mumbai's red light district. She was a strong advocate for keeping her girls safe and rallied for rights and better treatment for prostitutes. As a survivor of trafficking rape, she's a bad bad bad beti that didn't let elitism, classism and the patriarchy get in her way. This is relevant now, with a lot of women's marches and "feminism" that doesn't intersect with sex workers. She has a particularly important speech in Azad Maidan where she spoke about how a part of Mumbai's safety for women is because of the large number of prostitutes, the few handful of women that cater to the physical aggressions of men so they don't bring it home. Go on YouTube and listen to the audio book Mafia Queens Of Mumbai to learn more!," wrote Abhijeet
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A non-binary Indian drag performer and model Abhijeet pays tribute to Kajol, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Priyanka Chopra, and other Indian-origin women who have broken stereotypes! Take a look...

First Published: 26 February, 2017 15:41 IST