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  • Jackie Shroff with parents, Jackie Shroff chawl days

    Jackie Shroff was born Jai Krishan Kakubhai Shroff on February 1, 1957, in Mumbai. He lived in the city's famous Teen Batti's one-room tenement. Jackie Shroff's father Kakulal Harilal Shroff was a Gujarati Hindu and his mother, Amrita Kakulal (Rita) Shroff was an Uyghur from Kazakhstan. (All photos/mid-day archives, Jackie Shroff's Instagram account, AFP)

  • Jackie Shroff with parents, Jackie Shroff chawl days

    Jackie Shroff's father met his mother when both were teenagers. They eventually fell in love and got married. Together the extended family lived in a 30 ft by 30 ft room in a chawl in the Teen Batti area of Malabar Hill, Mumbai.

  • Jackie Shroff with parents, Jackie Shroff chawl days

    Jackie Shroff's father came from a Gujarati family of merchants and traders, however, they lost their money in the stock market and his father had to leave home at the age of 17.

  • Jackie Shroff with parents, Jackie Shroff chawl days

    Jackie Shroff modelled in a few advertisements including Savage perfumes as a youngster. His screen name Jackie was bestowed upon him by a friend. Filmmaker Subhash Ghai stuck to this monicker while launching him as a lead actor in the 1983 film 'Hero'.

  • Jackie Shroff

    Jackie Shroff went down memory lane recently and opened up about a prank that he played on his girlfriend during his school days.

  • Jackie Shroff candid expressions

    Jackie used to live in a 'chawl' and had fallen in love with a girl from a well-off family. He said: "Once the girl demanded that she wanted to come home and meet my mother. I lied to her saying that I don't stay with my mother, instead told her that I stay alone in a PG and convinced my mother to go out of the house for some time."

  • Jackie Shroff long hair photo

    "My mother supported me and stayed out for 30 minutes," he said with laughter. Later when he realised that love doesn't see the size of house and space, he confessed to the girl that he stayed in a small house with a joint family.

  • Jackie Shroff marriage photo

    Jackie Shroff married his longtime girlfriend Ayesha Dutt on June 5, 1987. Interestingly the day also marked Ayesha's birthday.

  • Ayesha Shroff younger days, Jackie Shroff younger days

    Jackie Shroff's wife Ayesha was a model who later turned producer and co-owns a media company with her husband named Jackie Shroff Entertainment Limited.

  • Tiger Shroff childhood photo with Ayesha Shroff, father Jackie Shroff, Krishna Shroff childhood

    Jackie Shroff and Ayesha have a son, Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff and a daughter Krishna Shroff. This is a throwback picture of Jackie and his wife with their kids.

  • Mohammad Azharuddin, Sangeeta Bijlani, Jackie Shroff

    Very few know that Jackie Shroff loves cooking. "Cooking has fascinated me since childhood. As a kid, I used to enjoy watching my mom prepare food in the kitchen. The aroma of spices always held my attention. I am a huge foodie and love snack items like vada-pav, bhel-puri, bhajiyas, etc. However, I have cut down on junk food due to health reasons. As a vegetarian, I can say that vegetarian dishes can be equally tasty as meat preparations," Jackie Shroff had told mid-day earlier.

    Pictured: Jackie Shroff with former cricketer Mohammad Azharuddin and his then-wife Sangeeta Bijlani.

  • Jackie Shroff with Meenakshi Sheshadri

    Further speaking about his culinary skills, Jackie added, "I love cooking in my spare time. I know it doesn't really go with my image, but I really do. I am also a strict vegetarian (doesn't go with my image either!). I love all kinds of vegetarian dishes - the Maharashtrian pithla bhakri, thalipith, vangi bhath and then the South Indian rice dishes, pastas and crisp pizzas. I love Italian food and usually cook it for my family and friends. I'm an expert in pesto sauce. And I have been told by many that my cooking is very good."

    Pictured: Jackie Shroff and Meenakshi Sheshadri. The duo first starred together in 'Hero' and went on to work in six more films, most notable of which were 'Sachche Ka Bol Bala', 'Dahleez', 'Paisa Yeh Paisa' among others.

  • Jackie Shroff with Meenakshi Sheshadri

    Coming back to his film career, before achieving stardom with 'Hero' Jackie Shroff had made his acting debut in 1982 with Devanand's film 'Swami Dada'. Pictured: Jackie with Meenakshi Sheshadri.

  • Jackie Shroff

    Talking about his initial days, Jackie Shroff had said, "The first 15 years of my career I did sing songs but I never really danced. Then came the trend of two-hero films. So there was me and Anil, me and Sunny and so on. I kept doing anything that came my way. Mujhe farak hi nahi padta. Height hai, body hai, aawaz hai, discipline hai. Khada ho jata hoon toh dikh jata hoon (smiles)."

    Pictured: Jackie Shroff in Karma. His 1986 film Karma which also starred frequent co-star Anil Kapoor was the highest-grossing movies of the year.

  • Jackie Shroff with Sharad Kapoor, Sushmita Sen and Mahesh Bhatt

    We take a look at some candid pictures of Jaggu Dada.

    In picture: Jackie Shroff with Sharad Kapoor, Sushmita Sen and Mahesh Bhatt.

  • Jackie Shroff, Anis Sabri

    Jackie Shroff with his childhood friend Anis Sabri.

  • Jackie Shroff, Nagarjuna

    Jackie Shroff with Nagarjuna at an event.

  • Jackie Shroff, Bal Thackeray, Nana Patekar

    Jackie Shroff with the late Bal Thackeray and his frequent co-star Nana Patekar.

  • Jackie Shroff

    Jackie Shroff with Mumbai's famous dabbawallas.

  • Jackie Shroff, Amrita Singh and Juhi Chawla

    Jackie Shroff with Amrita Singh and Juhi Chawla in a still from 'Aainaa'.

  • Jackie Shroff young photo with Manisha Koirala

    Jackie Shroff with Manisha Koirala in a still from 'Agnisakshi'.

  • Jackie Shroff young photo

    This image proves Jackie Shroff is one of Bollywood's most debonair actors.

  • Jackie Shroff, Ayesha Shroff, Krishna Shroff, Tiger Shroff

    Jackie Shroff, wife Ayesha Shroff, son Tiger Shroff and daughter Krishna Shroff at a wedding.

  • Jackie Shroff, Ayesha Shroff, Krishna Shroff, Tiger Shroff

    Jackie Shroff with wife Ayesha Shroff, daughter Krishna Shroff at the trailer launch of Heropanti, his son Tiger Shroff's Bollywood debut. 

  • Jackie Shroff and his wife Ayesha Shroff

    Jackie Shroff and his wife Ayesha Shroff pose for a photograph offering prayers to Lord Ganesh to mark Ganesh Chaturthi festival in Mumbai on September 17, 2015.

  • Tiger Shroff, Ayesha Shroff and Tiger Shroff

    Tiger Shroff, Ayesha Shroff and Tiger Shroff during Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations at their residence.

  • Hrithik Roshan, Jackie Shroff and Kareena Kapoor

    Hrithik Roshan, Jackie Shroff and Kareena Kapoor pose for the photographers at a press conference in Calcutta on July 22, 2001. The stars were speaking about their movie Yaadein, which released on July 27, 2001.

  • Jackie Shroff

    Here's wishing Jackie Shroff a very happy birthday!

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