Jaydev Unadkat is a loving and protective brother to his sister Dheera

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  • Jaydev Unadkat

    On Feb 11, 2020, Jaydev Unadkat shared a photo with his sister and had a very lengthy and emotional message: 

    Billions love the game I play, millions who'd love to be where I am, and thousands whose footsteps I'm today following but only one who supports me without a doubt. I was 8 when I dreamt of becoming a cricketer. Consider cricket my first love I was mesmerised by the 22 yards people otherwise refer to as the cricket pitch. The grand stands filled with people cheering you on, the chants of 'India India', the sight of uprooted stumps - These visuals were nothing short of magic for me. And I wanted to be this magician with the cricket ball in my hand.
    For my family though, it was important that I focus on my studies at the same time. I was good at both cricket and academics but balancing them both was a challenge. Charging head-first like a bull I kept chasing my cricket dreams. And my sister on the other hand helped me ace my exams. Like peas in a pod, she knew me all too well and had my back at all times.
    I remember this one particular incident when I was selected to represent India at the U-19 level. The team was prepping for the Australia tour. My parents and her came to see me off at the airport. She told me then, 'Bhai you are our hero. My hero! I hope you know that. Irrespective of the outcome of the series, I want you to know that we will be happy with whatever you have achieved. So go out there, give it your best and enjoy the whole process'. And it is at that moment I realised that my dreams were no longer mine alone but had become hers too.
    The joy of winning, the sorrow of losing, getting injured, getting selected and getting dropped, its a constant roller-coaster ride! The game teaches you everything. The highs and lows become a lot easier to face when you have 'Apno Ka Saath'.
    When I am down on confidence during tournaments and seasons, it's her messages of support that reinforce the sense of self-belief within me. When I take wickets, it's her proud whistles that give me the strength to carry on bowling for as long as I can.
    Your family is your biggest strength. When you dream, stay rest assured that they have got your back through thick and thin. @sbilifeinsurance
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  • Jaydev Unadkat

    On his sister Dheera's birthday in October 2019, Jaydev Unadkat shared a cool selfie and wished her: Hey birthday girl, thank you for being the best sibling one can ever have! Here’s wishing you another year of good health and happiness.. P.S. I love you even if you don’t like this pic

  • Jaydev Unadkat

    Jaydev Unadkat is a cricketer who has played for the Indian national team and is currently playing for Saurashtra in domestic cricket and for Rajasthan Royals in the IPL.

    In pic: Jaydev Unadkat posted this picture with his sister Dheera Unadkat and cousins. He wrote, "Cousins affair at the grand new Thakkar mansion! At times, I just crave for some family and friends picnics and get-togethers.. Going through one such time now!"

  • Jaydev Unadkat

    Jaydev Unadkat was born and brought up in Porbandar, Gujarat. He completed his schooling from St. Mary's school, Porbandar.

    In pic: Jaydev Unadkat posted this picture with his sister Dheera Unadkat and wrote, "Adding 1 to ur Happy Days Countdown! #SuperColours @dheera_unadkat !!"

  • Jaydev Unadkat

    In the IPL 6 auctions, Jaydev Unadkat was bought by the Royal Challengers Bangalore for USD 525,000.

    In pic: Jaydev Unadkat posted this picture with his sister Dheera and wrote, "To this special girl in my life, who manages my little things and keeps me running everyday, who handles all that is happening around her with a smile on her face.. You are such a perfect elder sister, one that everyone would wish to have for themselves. I wish you a Very Very Happyy Birthdayy! Prayers to God to bless you with bundles of joy and happiness in the years to come.."

  • Jaydev Unadkat

    Due to his impressive performances, Delhi Daredevils purchased Jaydev Unadkat at the 2014 IPL auctions for a price of Rs. 2.8 crores.

    In pic: Jaydev Unadkat posted a picture from his sister Dheera Unadkat's wedding. He wrote, "Warming-up for the big night! Just cannot stop looking at my beautiful sister! And yes, I am not skipping any ritual, whether it demands my presence or not! #Behenkishaadi #BrotherCool"

  • Jaydev Unadkat

    In February 2016, Shah Rukh Khan's Kolkata Knight Riders bought the cricketer for Rs. 1.6 crores.

    In pic: Jaydev Unadkat posted this picture with his sister Dheera and her husband on Raksha Bandhan and wrote, "Celebrating Rakhi as a symbol of Love and Protection that we desire for each other! Early Rakshabandhan rituals before I proceed to Australia for the India 'A' tour. Only Wishes and Prayers accepted! P.C:- My badminton partner @parth.thakkar26"

  • Jaydev Unadkat

    In February 2017, Indian Premier League team Rising Pune Supergiants availed Jaydev Unadkat's services for a bargain of only Rs. 30 lakhs.

    In pic: Jaydev Unadkat posted this childhood picture of himself and his elder sister Dheera. He wrote, "For all the gossip sessions that we crave for, for all the laughter that we fire out, for all the care that you take, and for all the love that you bring to me, I love u My Dear Sister! #RakhiDownUnder"

  • Jaydev Unadkat

    In February 2018, Rajasthan Royals set the cash registers ringing in the IPL auctions by bagging the left-arm fast bowler Jaydev Unadkat for a whopping sum of Rs. 11.5 crores.

    In pic: Jaydev Unadkat posted this picture with his sister Dheera and her husband from an IPL game. He wrote, "When The Sister and her Mister were here to cheer! #FamilyStrength #RPS #ipl10"

  • Jaydev Unadkat

    On Raksha Bandhan, Unadkat shared a very emotional message with this photo: o say that you have been the best support-system I could ever have, would be an under-statement! On this auspicious day of Rakshabandhan, I pray to The Almighty to keep you the happiest, and our bond the strongest! Happy Rakhi Bendu @dheera_unadkat And lots of love to everyone of you who are celebrating this festival.. Happy Rakhi girls 

  • Jaydev Unadkat

    Jaydev Unadkat posted this picture with his sister Dheera and wrote an emotional post that read, "Many a times have I felt vulnerable in life, but not a single time did I ever feel lonely or helpless, just because I have you by my side! Your love has made me realise the essence of this beautiful bond that we share.. Thank you for every single thing that you selflessly do for me. The Rakhi that you tie, The Tilak that you do, and The Wishes that you give is what keeps me together! And as the festival “Rakshabandhan” suggests, our bond will always be my protector! This early rakshabandhan celebration has its own charm though! Feels like you have a priority pass to the big event coming up"

  • Jaydev Unadkat

    Jaydev Unadkat shared this photo and simply captioned it, 'My dashing siblings!! Great addition to the squad #We #CloudNine'

  • Jaydev Unadkat

    Jaydev Unadkat with his sister and few friends on a trip to Jaisalmer

  • Jaydev Unadkat

    Jaydev Unadkat posted this picture with his mother, father and sister and captioned, "Time for some family fun in God's own land! The nature certainly rules other things here! Dense forests overlap our Dense cities!! #Kerala #serene"

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    In the IPL 2019 auctions, Rajasthan Royals played a smart move by not retaining Unadkat before the auctions and then buying him back in the auctions for Rs. 8.4 crores. Thus saving Rs. 3.1 crores in the Rajasthan Royals yearly budget.

    In  pic: Jaydev Unadkat posted this picture with his mom on Mother's Dya, he wrote, "And here's My Mother's Day Picture! Thank you for this life! And for being what you are to Us! #mummasboy"

  • Jaydev Unadkat

    It will be interesting to see if Jaydev Unadkat can do justice to the huge amount Rajasthan Royals has paid for the fast bowler in the last couple of years, by picking a bag full of wickets and taking the team to the 2019 IPL title.

    In pic: Jaydev Unadkat posted this picture from a chilled swimming pool session and wrote, "Not always are U happy inside when U are smiling outside! Photos don't necessarily show the reality. They can be misleading at times! #Oldpic #ThoseLengthyHair"

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    This picture was Jaydev Unadkat's first post on Instagram, he posted this picture and captioned, "Was searching for an appropriate first pic to upload! Found this! #whereitstarted #u19days #insta_here_i_come"

  • Jaydev Unadkat

    Jaydev Unadkat with one of his closest friends Cheteshwar Pujara. He wrote, "I love it when someone says Our friendship is One in a Million! Stitching Memories Together.. #BrothersForLife"

  • Jaydev Unadkat

    Jaydev Unadkat posted this picture from a friend's outing at a hill station and wrote, "The Grand "ReUnion 2k15" Salute!! #Bromance #NaturallyFiltered"

  • Jaydev Unadkat

    Jaydev Unadkat posted this picture from his 25th birthday and captioned, "That exactly shows how happy we were! Lucky to be engulfed with such love on my birthday!

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Indian bowler and Saurashtra skipper Jaydev Unadkat, who hails from Gujarat, led his team to the Ranji Trophy finals with an impressive seven-wicket haul. Unadkat will also look to show his bowling prowess at the upcoming IPL 2020 later this month. Meanwhile, we give you a glimpse at the cricketer's life off the field, where he showers his unconditional love and affection for the most important person in his life - his sister. (Pics/ Jaydev Unadkat Instagram)