Lockdown Diaries: Bigg Boss fame Arti Singh is getting fitter by the day

Updated: May 24, 2020, 07:39 | Nandish
  • Arti Singh celebrates birthday in lockdown

    With lockdown in effect, Arti Singh has been staying home and keeping herself busy by working out, cooking, creating fun dance videos, among other things. The former Bigg Boss 13 contestant also celebrated her birthday on April 5 during lockdown. She shared this picture and wrote, "Wishing for peace, health and good vibes #HappyBirthdayToMe [sic]."

  • Arti Singh's workout during quarantine

    Arti Singh, who has taken this lockdown to get fitter and healthier, shared this video of her using stairs at her building residence to workout. She wrote alongside the video, "Stay Fit And Stay Quarantined #NewGym #HomeGym #WorkItOn [sic]."

  • Arti Singh cooks during lockdown

    Arti Singh shared this photo of her getting back to cooking for the first time after leaving the Bigg Boss 13 house and wrote, "I was cooking daily for 3 months in the Bigg Boss house but its been a month since we have come out and today is the first day I'm cooking. I have learnt to cook from my mother, who is an amazing cook herself! This time around though I am not cooking for the housemates but rather just for myself....the downside is, koi tarif karne wala hi nahi hai! So the chef, the lucky one to relish, and the one to compliment is all me! The effects of #CoronaVirus! Any one for imli wale choke? [sic]"

  • Arti Singh's weight loss amid lockdown

    Arti Singh shared this collage to show her transformation and wrote a long post about how she lost oodles of weight since the first photo was taken on March 15. She wrote, "Hey Abbie..(abs ) Finally now I can see you little little... you are surely on the way and coming very very soon! Till then for everyone here's the first photo which was taken on the 15th of march and the other one was today..! I just want to say that I know it's not the best but slowly and steadily I will get there soon. I have shed 5 kgs from the 15th of march till now. Aur aisa nahi hai ki koi pathhar tode! I am into 50 minutes of yoga and 40 minutes of brisk walking every alternate day. And definitely the biggest fight between all the exercises has been the late night cravings. Every night I feel like hogging maybe because of the boredom and also the stressful situation right now. And as you all might know, I am an emotional eater and that's why I had put on 8 kgs inside the big boss house. Like everyone one I also have #CheatDay and you all won't believe that on my birthday I ate so much, including chinese food that I was craving for. I dont kill myself by not eating what I want, so I do hog once a week. I actually salute people who are consistent with their diet! I wish I was like that but nevertheless I'm still getting there slowly. Thoda jyada time lagega... maybe one month more then all the people who are disciplined, but well that's me and that’s fine. This is the time where you can actually try to improve yourself physically and mentally as well as also emotionally! Because zindagi ki daud se thoda aaram milega kuch logon ko isse!#MyFitnessStory [sic]"

  • Arti Singh during the lockdown

    Arti Singh shared this beautiful selfie of her and shared a long post about feeling a little low since the lockdown got extended. But she went to write about how grateful she is to have everything with her right now. She further wrote, "I'm writing this for all those people who might be feeling the same as me! I had got 3 people messaging me in a row that they are getting anxiety attacks. So just want to say to all of them that it's okay to feel what you are feeling. And that being grateful should not be a pressure of being able to feel or express. So one advice to everyone, please talk it out to a friend or family member who understands and listens to you! I promise that you might feel a little better. Today there are many people all alone who are feeling restless, but I promise you all that nothing stays forever. Don’t let this situation control you. This is the time you have to fight it out and think in a way that this situation is not stronger than you. We might feel anxiety’s, but it's okay. But getting an attack over it is fear! And when fear overcomes you, don’t get scared. Just talk to someone who can understand you! Call them and don’t wait for someone to call you and ask about you. Be selfish and make one call to talk about how you are feeling. I just want to say one thing that NOTHING STAYS FOREVER! [sic]"

  • Arti Singh

    Arti Singh shared this throwback photo of her all dressed up and captioned it: "Don't loose the girl in you in order to become a woman.!" We couldn't agree more!

  • Arti Singh and Krushna Abhishek in throwback picture

    Arti Singh shared this photo to thank her brother Krushna Abhishek for always being there for her. "This pic was taken at the rehearsals of award function... my first ever dance performance with him..... I remember he adjusted his dates just for the performance and did it half the price of what he charges So tht I get limelight and people know me also as an actor and his sister ........ thank u for everything.. love u always @krushna30 [sic]," she captioned the picture.

  • Arti Singh photoshoot

    Arti Singh has also been missing her shoot life, she shared a video from behind the scenes of a photoshoot and wrote, "#BehindTheScenes: Here's a sneak peak into what shoots actually look like. Miss those days when going for shoots and getting ready was a mandatory routine #GoodOldDays #ThrowbackDiaries #BeforeCovid #ShootDays #MissWorking @munnasphotography thank u for this [sic]"

  • Arti Singh hot photoshoot

    She shared a series of pictures from a photoshoot just for Arti Ki Army - her loyal fans! She captioned the image: "Dont wantt to disappoint u guys . U asked me to put something daily so here it is .. ...my arti ki army and all the fans who hv made me ... .. I love you guys . Thank u for making me . Throwback .. @munnasphotography thank u for this [sic]"

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