Lockdown Diaries: Bani J has been obsessing over her hair colour

Updated: May 30, 2020, 08:30 | Nandish
  • Bani J shared a selfie during lockdown

    While at home amid the COVID-19 lockdown, Bani J was going all out to promote her show Four More Shots Please 2, which aired on April 17. Post that the fitness enthusiast and actor has been staying home and 'chilling' with her playlists. She shared this series of sun-kissed photos and wrote, "Just remember, even in the darkest of times, the Sun still rises You just have to choose to see it [sic]" All pictures/Bani J's Instagram account

  • Bani J shared a photo from Four More Shots Please Season 2 during lockdown

    Bani J shared this photo of her character Umang all dressed up and said this one of her favourite looks from the show. Her caption read, "Four More Shots Szn II One of my favourite looks for Umang this szn, this beautiful @amitaggarwalofficial piece. It was 1000 degrees during this shoot and along w this dress I was pretty much feeling like the sun lol. What was your favourite scene in this szn fam?! #moreBTS? [sic]" The season 2 of Four More Shots Please was loved by critics and fans alike.

  • Lockdown Diaries: Bani J has been obsessing over her hair colour

    Bani J coloured her hair to electric blue and wrote about how she gets all obsessed about her hair colour, every time she changes it. She shared a long post in it, take a look, "Day 37: Took some pictures to document the hair. Every time I colour it, it's my favourite colour. Every time I think it's the best, it gets better. Couldn't just post a picture plain, it never feels creatively satisfying - enough, I guess that's a good thing. Always wanting to do more. Always doing more. I’ll know when to stop. Internal guidance. May we all learn to channelise it. And listen to it. Did you know they actually do tattoos like this? Not just in white ink, it’s called Blood lines or blood lining (you can ask google about it) Making art in your skin minus the ink. TreÅ› cool. Just as painful as a regular tattoo though. Lol. I decided to make a series with the hair in focus, with different styles of edits. This is the first. [sic]"

  • Lockdown Diaries: Bani J has been obsessing over her hair colour

    This was her second post about her hair, here she talked different editing styles and how just a picture she sent turned into a mix media project. She wrote, "Day 38, 2nd of the series. Do you see what I meant by hair in focus but different editing styles? But, there is a pattern. Always. There is always something symbolic going on. I love how this started off as just a picture to send @whynot_byzeeba to track the color and has now morphed into a supremely intense mix media project. I always get to know myself better through this process. I realise again how much I like minute details. How there must be meaning hidden or obvious. I like layers. I like shadows, I love depth. Can’t have a flat image. No no. I love playfulness of light. I know I write this out now in one go but when I look back a few months down the line I will always see more. One of many great wonderful things about life. [sic]"

  • Lockdown Diaries: Bani J has been obsessing over her hair colour

    This was her last post in the series, Bani J wrote, "Day 41. Last of the series. Heard such a good song this morning, its on repeat. 'Downtown' by @majicalcloudzmusic. I love songs that read like letters in love, reckless and full of despair, fearless and fearful all the same. 'There's one thing I'll do, if it ever goes wrong, I'll write you into all of my songs'. Waah,
    Chalo ji, it's Friday (for those of us keeping track) lol. Q/A day [sic]."

  • Lockdown Diaries: Bani J has been obsessing over her hair colour

    Bani J shared a video of her giving out a way to keep boredom away during the lockdown. "Quarantine has driven so many of us to discover and explore new interests and talents!
    Something new I've discovered is that there is nothing more exciting than a quick hand of poker to turn lockdown boredom away! [sic]"

  • Four More Shots Please season 3

    Bani J also took to her Instagram to let her fans know about a big announcement. She shared a photo of her with the rest of the leads from Four More Shots Please to announce the season 3! She shared a quirky caption with the posts, "Q: What's 4 shots multiplied by 3? A: A brand new season of @4moreshotspls [sic]"

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From promoting the second season of Four More Shots Please to obsessing over her hair colour, here's what Bani J is up to during quarantine.