Lockdown Diaries: Bhagyashree is keeping it healthy, active and positive

Updated: Apr 22, 2020, 07:26 | Nikita Sawant
  • Bhagyashree, COVID-19, Coronavirus

    Yesteryear actress Bhagyashree has been keeping it positive all through the coronavirus lockdown. The lovely actress has been working out and inspiring all her social media followers and fans to stay fit and happy while quarantined at home. (All pictures/Bhagyashree's Instagram account)

  • Bhagyashree, COVID-19, Coronavirus

    The Maine Pyar Kiya actress shared a video of herself working out with husband Himalaya Dasani at home. This video goes to show that working out needn't be boring; you could make it fun and interesting if you do it with a partner!

  • Bhagyashree, COVID-19, Coronavirus

    Sharing this picture, Bhagyashree quipped, "Fingerfoods! When you get hungry all the time! #makingyousmile #meme #caughtintheact #fingerfood #hungry." Well, being at home 24/7, we all are hungry all the time, aren't we?

  • Bhagyashree, COVID-19, Coronavirus

    Being at home during the lockdown doesn't mean you have to binge only on junk food; you must keep it healthy and tasty too! Bhagyashree made some yummy-looking chole chaat for tea time.

  • Bhagyashree, COVID-19, Coronavirus

    Bhagyashree is all about staying positive no matter what. Sharing this photo she wrote, "Let's share some positive vibes at the beginning of the week. What is the first beautiful morning sight for you? I had my morning cuppa coffee today watching the squirrels scamper across my terrace, basking in the sunshine."

  • Bhagyashree, COVID-19, Coronavirus

    The actress has also been missing her squad during the lockdown! Bhagyashree makes sure she keeps in touch with her friends over the phone. She captioned this picture, "We will always find a way to keep in touch!! Miss you girlz. Stay home, be safe."

  • Bhagyashree, COVID-19, Coronavirus

    Doesn't Bhagyashree look like a ray of sunshine in this photo? She wrote, "The sunshine after the storm! Be positive, this too shall pass. Be cautious, be informed and make sure that we follow the correct procedures without panic. We are all in it together as one human family and we shall pull through it. Be safe people." Well, that's some good advice!

  • Bhagyashree, COVID-19, Coronavirus

    With this photo, Bhagyashree shared with her fans what health and fitness mean to her, and how she manages to stay as fit as she is. She said, "Health is not just about fitness and nutrition. It is also about your state of mind. Laughter heals. Do things, share memories, connect with your inner child."

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Maine Pyar Kiya actress Bhagyashree may not be seen in movies any more, but she has quite a huge fan following on social media. The actress is active on Instagram and has been sharing pictures and videos from her quarantine at home. Let's check them out!