Lockdown Diaries: Gul Panag is a multitasking, hands on mother

Updated: Apr 05, 2020, 07:18 | Nandish
  • Gul Panag works from home during quarantine

    Gul Panag like every other celebrity welcomes PM Narendra Modi's decision of the 21-day lockdown amid the coronavirus outbreak. Gul took to her Instagram account to share some ways to make work from home easier for her followers. She wrote, "Working from home can be a challenge. This is what works for me. 1. I start the day by making a todo list and prioritising it over my morning cup of tea. 2. I have a designated work place - the dining table . 3. A designated work time . 4. Designated work clothes - just hanging out in lounge wear, gym clothes, night suit , makes me lazy. I'm keen to know how you structure your day. Do write in, maybe we can help each other get more out of the day #workfromhome #momlife #socialdistancing [sic]."

  • Gul Panag works from home during quarantine

    Gul Panag took to her Instagram to reveal that she will be using this 21-day lockdown to take up new habits, fine tune some old ones and do away with others. She shared this picture of her and wrote, "Day 1. It takes 21 days to form a new habit . I've often done the #21daychallenge to restart my fitness regimen, meditation, productivity, etc . Or a anything that needs a concentrated push . I'm going to use these 21 days to inculcate new habits, fine tune some, and do away with others . #21daylockdown [sic]."

  • Gul Panag works from home during quarantine

    Gul Panag also took up the #safehands challenge, that Ranveer Brar had given. Gul was seen washing her hands with her son Nihaal in the video that she shared and wrote, "So here's Nihal trying to follow in Ishaan's footsteps. He still needs me to assist him though @ranveer.brar ! Thank you for making me part of this . Passing this on to @keeratkular @sahdevsalaria @sherbirpanag @shru2kill @swatysmalik and my new friend @singingdentist ( although he washes hands for a living , literally ). Please post you #safehands hand washing video [sic]."

  • Gul Panag works out during lockdown

    Gul Panag also took time out to work out and also motivated her followers on Instagram. She posted a video of her doing push-ups and wrote, "Quick workout in the midst of household chores, before I settle down on my desk to attack work. Have gotten better at managing household work including but not limited to cleaning, cooking, laundry, work- emails, calls, prepping for a new launch , press for my new show, and managing to squeeze in exercise too. I try to be on my desk ( dining table ) by 11 AM. Dressed for ‘work’. Get down to cooking at 1PM to eat at 2 PM. In one of my earlier posts on WFM, I got an interesting tip- do 10 push ups every hour on the hour. I’m going to try that . #see10do10challenge [sic]."

  • Gul Panag works from home during quarantine

    Gul Panag also shared a photo of her with her pets and talked about how pets are the biggest casualty of us 'being busy'. She further wrote about how her pets reacted when her son Nihal was born. She wrote, "since Nihal entered the picture, attention to them dwindled. And they didn’t like it one bit. Unlike all those cute photos and videos one saw on @instagram , these two disliked Nihal from the word go. They avoided him for a 6 months. Once he began crawling, he began going after them and they would run off to escape his overtures. And when against a wall, literally, even bark to be rescued by one of us . This continued till he began walking and running. Over the last 6 odd months, though, they have become friends. Nihal goes and sleeps with-them , sits on them, even tries to 'take them for a walk ' inside the house as you can see from the photo- he’s walking around with a leash - he doesn’t quite know how to put on Managing a toddler and work, left me with little time to hand out with the two besties like I once used to. I now get to hang out with all three of them. #lockdown #21daylockdown [sic]."

  • Gul Panag works from home during quarantine

    Gul Panag also gave out tips on how to take care of your vehicles, amid lockdown. She shared a photo of her charging her electric car and wrote, "Remember to start your petrol/diesel car, or bike every few days. You don’t want to end up with a dead battery! I've been doing the grocery trips with my trusty electric car. Avoids fuel stations all together. I'm all set barring an unlikely power outage P.S. got a little bit more efficient with the household chores and all that needs to be done at home . Managed to do some more work. Even got down to checking on the cars and bike ! [sic]"

  • Gul Panag cooking food at her home

    She even share photos of her doing household chores while at home on a lockdown. "Getting a grip on the lock down life . Early thoughts - I'm far more active than before. My earlier life was sedentary by comparison -office when not shooting, meetings, calls and the one activity spike during the day which involved my workout. Is it harder? Hell yes. I'm convinced these days will change us at a fundamental level. More on that later . #21daylockdown #21daychallenge [sic]." She posted the second picture (her in wearing an apron) and wrote, "Getting better at doing all the household chores in a time efficient way. Was able to look at some work too. The day is action packed . And I'm grateful to be able to spend it with my loved ones. There many others still trying to make it to their homes in this lockdown. I pray for their safe travel and well-being. [sic]"

  • Gul Panag works from home during quarantine

    Gul Panag shared this photo and wrote along side it, "When WFH is over and you're back to casuals. Once 'work' is done I like to dress down into casuals. It's a boarding school hangover from The Lawrence School, Lovedale, where we had an outfit for everything- morning PT, classes, games, evening prep and then special days featuring 'home clothes ‘ 🥰. #lockdown #21daylockdown #corona #covid #21daychallenge [sic]."

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