Lockdown Diaries: Sayantani Ghosh's motivational posts will inspire you

Updated: Apr 16, 2020, 08:00 | Nandish
  • Sayantani Ghosh amid lockdown in Mumbai

    Like every other celebrity, Sayantani Ghosh has also been keeping herself busy by doing daily chores and other stuff to keep herself entertained, amid the government-induced lockdown to curb the Coronavirus outbreak. Naagin 4 actress shared a video of her talking about the lockdown and wrote, "Keep faith n feel gratitude !!! Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark. – Rabindranath Tagore....... #besafe #bepositive #keepfaith #faith #hope #belief #fightdifficultimes #allwillbegood #goodevening #sunday #sundaythoughts #jantacurfew #letsfightcorona ..... #love n #graitude for a beautiful life n everyone in it ...my fans ,my colleagues n all my friends n most importantly my loving family .. #maa #baba @ii_rick_ii @anugrah0070 [sic]." All pictures/Sayantani Ghosh's Instagram account

  • Sayantani Ghosh amid lockdown in Mumbai

    Sayantani Ghosh also shared video for her doing household chores and wrote that how inspired she feels by seeing others do the same. She wrote, "Well I'm inspired by so many..seeing others do some really good things while they are staying at home!! This morn for me is about inspiration, n not being dependent on anyone !! This is how my mornings are going to be for sometime...also it burns calories .... but on a serious note,let's all b careful n cautious !! Health n hygiene should be our utmost priority !! Not only keep urself n yourself house clean,but Tk care of the small things ..like our door knobs ,bells,the buttons on the lifts,our keys n most importantly our phones!! Cleaning these are a must coz we are always in contact with these things !! I hope i can motivate few like how others have motivated me !!! And let's all motivate each other and sail through these hard times ...let's stay at home as much as we can!! Lets wash our hands frequently ...Let's play those indoor games,have ghar ka khana,have beautiful n meaningful conversations with our family,read that amazing book,binge watch our fav shows,have those pillow fights with our siblings,take that afternoon nap,sip on the eve tea while viewing the sunset,learn something new like cooking/painting ,meditate,water those plants personally ,spend time with ur pets....... let's make this time safe ,healthy and beautiful for us n our loved ones!! [sic]"

  • Sayantani Ghosh amid lockdown in Mumbai

    Sayantani Ghosh started this incredible series to motivate everyone during this lockdown, wherein she will talk about words that she will pick from alphabets. The first two words she started with where A- Awareness , G- Gratitude. She wrote, "21 day challenge ... Day -1 .. Let's all do this together !!! This is my 21 Day challenge !!! Let's have some fun ,let's Interact n motivate each other !!! Let's #fightcoronavirustogether #corona #coronavirus .... Day -1 : Today's alphabets are A n G.... ........A- Awareness , G- Gratitude !! I have shared my thoughts, what are ur thoughts for the alphabets A n G ??? Do share .... video courtesy :- @ii_rick_ii [sic]" She Shared videos, one for each day of 21 days of lockdown on her Instagram handle.

  • Sayantani Ghosh amid lockdown in Mumbai

    Sayantani Ghosh also took up singing to keep the boredom away. She shared multiple videos of her singing and also taking up fan requests for songs. She shared this video of her singing DDLJ song 'Mere Khwaabon Mein' on a fan's request and wrote, "And the singing continues ....How can I not fulfill a request made by my sweet fans ?? I hope @kulkarni.ankur u like it.... have a great day everyone and stay healthy n safe !!! [sic]"

  • Sayantani Ghosh amid lockdown in Mumbai

    Sayantani Ghosh is also happy to have a inhouse photographer, while on lockdown. She shared a series of pictures clicked by her brother Somrik Ghosh and captioned it: "When u have an in-house photographer @ii_rick_ii .... thank u for such lovely pics my devil bro ............good morn all."

  • Sayantani Ghosh amid lockdown in Mumbai

    Sayantani Ghosh also made her TikTok debut, amid the lockdown. She shared her debut video and wrote, "Finally here ..starting this journey on #tiktok#tiktokindia ...and what better way to do this !!! Forever the #naagin..... making use of my times rediscovering myself n learning new things !!! Everyone stay safe n stay home !!!!" She shared this photo of her and wrote an inspiration posts, "You Never Know How Strong You Are ,Until Being Strong Is Your Only Choice "!!!!! wishing us all lots of strength and will power !! [sic]"

  • Sayantani Ghosh amid lockdown in Mumbai

    Here's yet another inspirational post shared by her! Sayantani Ghosh shared this beautiful picture of her and wrote, "there is depth in me that is much like the sea..and on days of my greatest gleam ,I am the woman who manages what some may say is impossible !! A son, a daughter ,I have them all and nothing prevents me from keeping them calm,in great winds ,in the roughest rain ..the sight of my eyes,the searing pain of life's hard road ,it all culminates to glorious strength ..the strength of a Woman ,it is the Depth of a worldly woman ........Good Morning !!!!! [sic]"

  • Sayantani Ghosh amid lockdown in Mumbai

    Sayantani Ghosh has also been keeping herself fit by working out and also dancing. She has shared plenty of videos for her dancing. She wrote in one of the posts, "Dance ,dance n more dance What better way to burn those calories than having that carefree dance ???? ... also in the current tense environment it's good to have few fun n happy moments ... need those happy hormones .... and as they say 'Sing as though no one is hearing you ... Dance as though no one is watching you ... and Love as though you have never been hurt' !!!! [sic]"

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