Lockdown diaries: Sonakshi Sinha is having fun with her 'stay at home' posts!

Updated: Apr 27, 2020, 08:03 | Nikita Sawant
  • Sonakshi Sinha, Coronavirus, COVID-19

    Sonakshi Sinha took to Instagram to thank the countless doctors, healthcare workers, cops, and essential service providers for their service. Sharing a video, she wrote, "While we are in the safety of our homes waiting for this phase to pass, doctors, healthcare workers, the police force, essential service providers, volunteers & government officials are leading the battle against Corona. Here is a #DilSeThankYou to all of them for taking care of us #stayhomestaysafe"

  • Sonakshi Sinha, Coronavirus, COVID-19

    In a crazy mood, Sonakshi shared this photo on social media with the caption, "Post lockdown when all the girls hit the salon #quarantinelook"

  • Sonakshi Sinha, Coronavirus, COVID-19

    Sonakshi Sinha knows the importance of self-isolation when the world is facing a crisis as immense as the coronavirus pandemic. Sharing a throwback photo, Sona motivated everyone to stay at home for a few days more. "Just a few more days... you can do it #stayhomestaysafe #chupchaapgharpebaitho #nationallockdown"

  • Sonakshi Sinha, Coronavirus, COVID-19

    The Akira actress has been appealing to all her fans to stay at home and stay safe amid the coronavirus outbreak and resulting lockdown. Sharing this picture, Sona wrote, "Stay home, stay out of trouble. Basically. #stayhomestaysafe #chupchaapgharpebaitho #lifeinthetimeofcorona" 

  • Sonakshi Sinha, Coronavirus, COVID-19

    Doesn't this way of self-isolation look perfect? Sonakshi think so too! She shared this photo on Instagram and wrote, "The kind of isolation id like to be in... always."

  • Sonakshi Sinha, Coronavirus, COVID-19

    Sonakshi Sinha has found ways to amuse herself and her fans on social media too. While her pictures are lovely, her videos are absolutely fun! Sharing a boomerang video, Sona wrote, "Its #WorldHappinessDay, and dancing makes me happy!!! let's come together & fight #Corona, by finding something that makes us happy, and that we can do at home! #JantaCurfew is a step in the right direction. Stay home, avoid panic buying, and help senior citizens stock up their daily needs. Let's follow the guidelines and spread some smiles! (This is a throwback from the past. I am at home at present)"

  • Sonakshi Sinha, Coronavirus, COVID-19

    In the spirit of social distancing, Sonakshi shared a photo of herself looking into the distance. She captioned this post as, "Waiting for things to be ok soon like... #socialdistancing #chupchaapgharpebaitho #stayhomestaysafe #lifeinthetimeofcorona"

  • Sonakshi Sinha, Coronavirus, COVID-19

    This is probably the funniest post the actress may have shared while being quarantined at home. Reminding everyone to stay at home, Sonakshi shared a video of herself with an Instagram filter and said, "STAY HOME!" Sonakshi rightly called it her 'Public service announcement.'

  • Sonakshi Sinha, Coronavirus, COVID-19

    Another post that had us in splits was this throwback photo of her in her Akira avatar. Sonakshi definitely meant to scare a few people who probably didn't get the self-isolation and quarantine memo! She wrote, "#NationalLockdown... galti se bhi bahar mat dikhna (only limited to people i can spot from my window) #stayhomestaysafe #chupchaapgharpebaitho"

  • Sonakshi Sinha, Coronavirus, COVID-19

    This post was an informative one where Sonakshi asked all her fans to join her for #EarthHour. She wrote, "These are challenging times. I hope everyone is at home & safe. This #EarthHour #GIVEUP going out so we can beat #coronavirus whilst not forgetting our environment! Join me for #EarthHour2020 #switchoff today from 8:30-9:30 PM to save energy and #GIVEBACK to mother Earth."

  • Sonakshi Sinha, Coronavirus, COVID-19

    The best piece of advice Sonakshi Sinha gave her fans was to 'hang out with yourself'. Asli Sona sure knows how to quarantine right!

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