Love, sex and dhoka: Here's how the Mahim murder case unfolded

Updated: Dec 10, 2019, 15:50 | Saumya Gourisaria
  • Mahim murder case

    Aradhya Patil alias Ria and her 16-year-old boyfriend met at Siddhivinayak Temple four months ago. During their two-month-old relationship, the boy expressed how he was unhappy with Bennett Rebello allegedly sexually abusing her.

  • Mahim murder case

    A few days before the killing, the duo met the minor’s friends where he narrated how he was going to kill Rebello. But the friends did not want anything to do with it. Aradhya’s 59-yr-old adoptive father too was unhappy with her relationship and the minor boy visiting her at home.

  • Mahim murder case

    On November 23, the duo met behind Bennett’s Vakola residence. After a long discussion, they decided to kill Bennett at the right time, which came on Nov 26, when Bennett came home at 6 pm and the trio had a confrontation.

  • Mahim murder case

    As an angry Rebello lunged at the minor with a guitar, Aradhya hit him with a bamboo stick from behind. The couple sprayed him with insect repellent to make him lose consciousness. Aradhya stabbed him in the chest with a kitchen knife. That night, the duo made plans to chop up the body and dispose of the pieces in separate suitcases.

  • Mahim murder case

    The duo used heated kitchen knives and broke the bones using a hammer. The minor heated the knives, Aradhya chopped away. The body was chopped into eight pieces. An angry Aradhya first chopped Bennett’s genitals, then legs and arms. She used both heated knives and the hammer to make the tough muscles and bones give way

  • Mahim murder case

    They then wrapped the body parts in several layers of bubble wrap, put those in six plastic bags, and packed them in suitcases. In the evening, they hired an auto and threw the first suitcase into the Mithi River from BKC. Two other bags were thrown into the river from Santacruz and the fourth from an undisclosed location on Nov 29.

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A chance meeting at a temple, an upset boyfriend and an infuriated woman set in motion the blood-curdling killing of the Vakola musician.

Text: Faizan Khan. (All Illustrations/Uday Mohite)