Covid-19 lockdown: 6 Taj Hotel staff test positive, 25-yr-old youngest to die of virus in Mumbai

Updated: Apr 13, 2020, 10:29 | Saumya Gourisaria
  • Coronavirus lockdown Day 19

    On Day 19 of the nationwide lockdown, over 900 positive cases were detetected across the country, taking the total count to over 8400 cases with 273 deaths.

  • Coronavirus lockdown Day 19

    The highest number of positive cases of coronavirus was reported from Maharashtra at 1761, including 127 deaths, followed by Delhi (1069 and 19 deaths), Tamil Nadu (969 and 10 deaths) and Rajasthan (700 and 3 deaths). 

  • Coronavirus lockdown Day 19

    A statement from the Prime Minister's Office quoted, PM Modi saying, "For the last two weeks or more people have shown great discipline and stayed indoors and tried to follow social distancing, since, as we say jaan hai jahan hai [the world for he who is alive], now we must also say jaan bhi jahan bhi [life and world]."

  • Coronavirus lockdown Day 19

    Due to the ongoing nationwide lockdown, pet owners in Mumbai on Sunday said they are experiencing a shortage of pet food and requested the Maharashtra government to allow supplies

    In picture: A road in South Mumbai which is usuallye crowded lay absolutely empty amid the lockdown, without a single person in sight

  • Coronavirus lockdown Day 19

    Stressing the role of lockdown and other containment steps in limiting the spread of Coronavirus, the Union Health Ministry said on Saturday, without these steps, cases could have spiralled to 8.2 lakh by April 15

  • Coronavirus lockdown Day 19

    At least six employees working at the iconic Taj Mahal Palace and Towers hotel in south Mumbai tested positive for coronavirus, a doctor attached to a private hospital said on Saturday. 

  • Coronavirus lockdown Day 19

    "Six Taj hotel employees are being treated at Bombay Hospital and they tested positive to COVID-19. They are recovering and their condition is stable now," Dr Gautam Bhansali, consulting physician at Bombay Hospital, said.

  • Coronavirus lockdown Day 19

    Asserting that all of its staffers found positive are from Taj Colaba, an IHC official said the property overlooking the famous Gateway of India monument has been completely sanitised and there is no one going in or out.

  • Coronavirus lockdown Day 19

    The US became the world's first country to have registered more than 2,000 COVID-19 deaths in a single day with 2,108 fatalities reported between Friday and Saturday.

    In picture: A resident feeds street cats amid lockdown in south Mumbai at Walkeshwar.

  • Coronavirus lockdown Day 19

    The World Health Organization (WHO) admitted that one of its reports had shown COVID-19 community transmission in India due to an error, which has now been fixed." The WHO rectified the mistake in its latest situation report on Coronavirus published on Friday, and said that India came under the "cluster of cases" category, not "community transmission" as stated in the earlier report.

  • Coronavirus lockdown Day 19

    The National Railway Mazdoor Union (NRMU), the largest recognized railway worker's representative has contributed Rs 1.2 crore to the Relief Fund, out of which Rs. 51,00000 (fifty-one lakh) has been given to the Prime Minister's Care Fund and Rs.5100000 (fifty-one lakh) to the Chief Minister Relief Fund.

  • Coronavirus lockdown Day 19

    In picture: The police use a tunnel in order to sanitise themselves amid lockdown in Dahisar.

  • Coronavirus lockdown Day 19

    The relatives of the patients who have been admitted in Tata Cancer hospital rest under a tent in the city amid lockdown.

  • Coronavirus lockdown Day 19

    The Mira-Bhayandar mayor said that the cost for getting swab tests done at private labs in the area will be borne by the mayor through the Mayor Voluntary Fund.

  • Coronavirus lockdown Day 19

    Fishing and the entire supply chain associated with it has been impacted by the ongoing 21-day lockdown to control the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the country.

  • Coronavirus lockdown Day 19

    Fishermen across the economic spectrum – from the large scale mechanised fleets to the small scale fishers across the coastline have suffered an economic blow due to the lockdown.

  • Coronavirus lockdown Day 19

    Keeping in mind that marine capture fisheries is already a stressed sector, the loss of fish has created a dent in the economy and food security for a number of people.

  • Coronavirus lockdown Day 19

    In picture: A huge number of citizens gathered at Kurla medical camp wanting to be tested for Coronoa virus. The crowd at one point increased so much that the BMC teams had to call in police to manage the crowds and later also called in ambulances to ferry patients who were unable to walk.

  • Coronavirus lockdown Day 19

    Meanwhile, a 25-year-old Chandivli resident, who succumbed to Covid-19 reportedly is the youngest in the city to die of the disease

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Many iconic locations in Mumbai wore a deserted look as the number of positive cases continued to rise in the city on Day 19 of the lockdown. A 25-year-old Chandivli resident, who succumbed to Covid-19 reportedly is the youngest patient in the city to die of the disease

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