Malaika Arora and Sophie Choudry out for a walk with their pets

Updated: 07 October, 2020 11:46 IST | Nandish
  • Malaika Arora spotted in Bandra

    Malaika Arora, who recently recovered from COVID-19 has been stepping out for walks with her pet dog Casper and jogging. Malaika shared on social media that she tested COVID-19 positive on September 7. After completing the 14-day quarantine, Arora revealed how tough it was for her to stay away from her loved ones. All pictures/Yogen Shah

  • Malaika Arora spotted in Bandra

    Malaika Arora dressed in a white shirt and grey track pants was out for a walk with her pet dog Casper. She also wore a protective face mask. Malaika utilised the quarantine period to rediscover the joy of reading as she pored over Gone with the Wind and other classics.

  • Malaika Arora spotted in Bandra

    Recounting her ordeal, Malaika Arora in a chat with mid-day said she decided to make a trip to the doctor when some close acquaintances and a few crew members of India's Best Dancer complained of health issues. "Luckily, my family had not contracted the virus. I was shocked when I tested positive because I had not shown any major symptoms or experienced discomfort. I was advised to self-quarantine at home. I made sure that I didn't step out of my room, and didn't come in contact with anyone, including my son [Arhaan], the house staff and our dog Casper," says the actor-dancer.

  • Malaika Arora spotted in Bandra

    Malaika Arora believes that her devotion to fitness held her in good stead as her body began its combat against the virus. "I did not have breathlessness, but showed some mild symptoms. I complained of weakness, which tends to happen when your body is fighting a disease. While I couldn't practise my yoga routine as I was weak, I made sure I performed the basic asanas, and practised breathing exercises like anulom vilom and kapalbhati."

  • Malaika Arora spotted in Bandra

    It was difficult for Malaika Arora to face the days alone, without son Arhaan by her side. She had dedicated a post to him and their pooch Casper, lamenting how she was yearning to hug them. "The biggest challenge was not being able to meet my son. We spoke to each other from our balconies."

  • Sophie Choudry spotted in Bandra

    Malaika Arora's neighbour, Sophie Choudry was also out for a walk with her pet dog. The singer-actress sported a white tied down tee and denim as she posed for the photographers. Sophie also wore a protective face mask and gloves. Like most of us during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sophie, too, has been catching up on the ongoing IPL 2020 matches that are taking place in Dubai.

  • Sophie Choudry spotted in Bandra

    Sophie Choudry on how she has always felt an affinity for the sport said, "I think being Indian, cricket is in our genes. On top of it, I was born and brought up in England, my brother played cricket, my school was next to Lord's cricket ground so I saw it every single day... And the IPL is so special. I've been fortunate to attend many matches in the past... I know this year is very different without the live crowds but kudos to everyone that has made it happen. It is much-needed entertainment for all of us. It feels like with COVID and so many other things, there has just been nonstop negativity this year. I think we all need to have some fun, something to lift our spirits and cricket does that."

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Malaika Arora with her pet dog and Sophie Choudry with her pet were out for a walk near their residence in Bandra, Mumbai. We have pictures

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