Mandana Karimi's lockdown life is all about staying fit, fine and positive

Updated: May 20, 2020, 08:22 | Anshul Vipat
  • Mandana Karimi, Coronavirus

    Mandana Karimi, who swears by workout, is on a sharing spree as nation observes lockdown due to coronavirus outbreak. Sharing this video, the actress wrote, "#quarantine workouts. F#*^%k your limitations. I tried this fab workout. Did 2 sets of chair workout (each movement until failure,about 40 seconds). #stayfit #stayhome #keepmoving #quarantine #daywhatever (sic)". All pictures/Mandana Karimi's Instagram account

  • Mandana Karimi, Coronavirus

    And if you think her workout session was limited to just a day, then you are mistaken. She shared another video of her performing exercise. "Public demand. Here you go my 3 fav abs workout did 5 rounds. Now your turn to show me your favourite abs workout.Let’s talk fitness #stayhome #stayhealthy #abs P.s write to me or send me your pics and videos (sic)", she captioned the picture.

  • Mandana Karimi, Coronavirus

    She has been working out at home and inspiring many with her age-defying sessions. Here's one video of her working out at her house. "A person starts dying when they stop dreaming “Brian Williams Woke up dreaming of this day #hanginthere #stayhome #quarantine #betterdaysarecoming (sic)", she captioned the video.

  • Mandana Karimi, Coronavirus

    The actress is also indulging in cooking to kill her time as well as hunger pangs. "Boring people are bored at home not this chika. Pasta for dinner and clean healthy lunch. #quarantine #daywhatever #keeppositive #keepitsimple (sic)", she captioned the picture.

  • Mandana Karimi, Coronavirus

    Mandana Karimi also shared a video where she has been inspiring and encouraging people to stay at home and support the nation and the government officials. "Spread love. hope no one goes to bed empty stomach and everyone has shelter,The lockdown means different to different sectors of people. And we are all in it together to fight this pandemic. We are not going to relent back from helping. Let's stay home, stay safe and fight this epidemic." #quarantine #allweneedislove (sic)", she captioned the picture.

  • Mandana Karimi, Coronavirus

    Mandana is also trying her best to spread smiles. She shared a cheerful picture of hers which will certainly make us smile. "#quarantine day whatever #mymain #puppylove (sic)", she captioned the picture.

  • Mandana Karimi, Coronavirus

    Mandana keeps sharing throwback pictures of herself to keep us entertained during lockdown. Sharing a picture of her chilling out at a beach in Goa, she wrote, "I miss the sound of your voice #quarantine #goa (sic)".

  • Mandana Karimi, Coronavirus

    Here's another one of her enjoying (grabbing?) food before lockdown. "The old good days #quarantine #daywhatever #killingthevibe (sic)", she captioned the picture.

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