Meet Swetha Devraj, the fitness expert who is also a globe-trotter

Updated: 27 January, 2020 08:08 IST | Jonita Colaco
  • Swetha Devaraj

    A vascular radiologist by education and a fitness trainer by passion and profession, Swetha grew up playing tennis professionally and continued to play for Alcorn State University in MS – US, where she also did her under graduation and post graduation.

  • Swetha Devaraj

    She later realised that running was her passion and started participating and eventually winning numerous marathons.

  • Swetha Devaraj

    She returned to India in 2016 and she juggled three jobs – at the hospital, a crossfit gym and online training.

  • Swetha Devaraj

    She said 24 hours is a lot of time and 6 hours is all one needs to sleep. "What do you do with the rest of the time before and after your 9 to 5 job ?" she asked.

  • Swetha Devaraj

    In 2018, after teaming up with devrath Vijay aka NinjaDev, she quit her job at the hospital to take up fitness and online training as a full-time profession.

  • Swetha Devaraj

    She also travelled the world and learn different forms of fitness.

  • Swetha Devaraj

    She is currently a globe trotter and comes to India to conduct Animal flow workshops and help other trainers to get certified as animal flow instructors.

  • Swetha Devaraj

    She believes, humans have the ability to multitask and master more than one thing at a time, that there should be no limitations or restrictions like sticking to only one thing in this era.

  • Swetha Devaraj

    “Everything that I do is purely out of passion and curiosity. I love pushing boundaries, exploring different forms of fitness, making them all into my own and teaching anyone who’s intrigued by my ways of living, whether it’s healthy eating or getting fitter, ultimately helping them open up to everything this universe has to offer to be a better version of themselves”.

  • Swetha Devaraj

    She says that good habit to build is to eat slowly … and take pauses … This style of eating will allow you to stop eating when you’re satiated (when your hunger is satisfied, not when you’re stuffed) and allow you to be satiated by eating less. 

  • Swetha Devaraj

    Sharing a photo from her time at Koh Tao Island, Swetha said, "This island always feels like home to me !! Those who don’t know I lived here for a while and every time I come back I bump into old friends who lived here or travelled, whom I hve seen throwing it down and partying till dawn." 

  • Swetha Devaraj

    She describes herself as a fitness lover, animalflow instructor, traveller and Unived Vegan Athlete.

  • Swetha Devaraj

    Swetha Devaraj is of the belief that fitness should be of both, the body and the mind. Working out and fitness should not be something you need to get off your plate, but something you really look forward to.

  • Swetha Devaraj

    In 2012, Swetha Devaraj ran from Mysore to Coorg, covering 120 km in two days, to help promote mixed martial arts in India. Swetha Devaraj also mentors people on their fitness journey online.

  • Swetha Devaraj

    She says that she helps these people with their fitness and nutritional needs making sure they have someone to talk to at all times of the day.

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