Milind Soman with wife Ankita Konwar and mum Usha at his book launch

Updated: 07 March, 2020 07:32 IST | Pratiksha Mestry
  • Milind Soman’s captivating memoir Made in India: A Memoir made its Mumbai debut on March 5 at The Royal Opera House with a hilarious roast of the book by Comedian Cyrus Broacha. All pictures/Pallav Paliwal

  • Commenting on his book Made in India: a Memoir Milind Soman said, "Writing this book has made me introspect on my actions and my life decisions. It hasn't been an easy one but I am grateful for this journey and where I have reached in life."

  • Milind Soman further added, "I am thankful to Landmark Bookstores and Penguin for providing me with a platform to share untold stories of my life that, although has been lived in the public eye there are some aspects that I had kept close to my heart which I have now been able to share through my book."

  • Milind Soman, Usha Soman and Ankita Konwar celebrated the launch of the legendary athlete's memoir hosted in Mumbai.

  • Where Milind Soman bares his soul and talks about his complicated relationship with his father, the women in his life and his business partners. 

  • Milind Soman has also thrown some light on his addiction and subsequent de-addiction to smoking, alcohol and rage as well as opens up about how over the years he has learned mindful anger and to not attribute everything to genetics but to be responsible for one's own life and actions.

  • Speaking to IANS about how the book was conceived, this 54-year-old, remembers, "Penguin approached me about six years ago. Initially, I didn't think that there was anything to write about, but then my business partner convinced me. I found Roopa Pai on Facebook and spoke to her, and finally decided what I wanted to say."

  • For someone whose personal life has been under the tabloid media's gaze for long, the fact doesn't really bother him. Speaking about the same, Milind Soman further added, "Well, I have been a public figure for the last 30 years. As an essentially private person, it's the first thing I got used to."

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Supermodel, athlete, entrepreneur and actor Milind Soman's captivating memoir "Made in India: A Memoir" made its Mumbai debut on March 5, 2020, at The Royal Opera House with a hilarious roast of the book by Comedian Cyrus Broacha. The night unfolded as Milind discussed the book, talked about his journey and what makes him who he is. We have pictures

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