Monica Dogra's mesmerizing avatar during the quarantine looks envious

Updated: 03 August, 2020 08:25 IST | Pratiksha Mestry
  • Monica Dogra

    Monica Dogra, who lives in the United States, has been spreading positivity during the pandemic with her posts. She wrote, sharing this one, "#quarantine for me looks like this. I play the guitar a little bit, I meditate, I play my Tibetan bowl, I sing my feelings out to it, then I switch to singing 21 oms. I put Vibhuti and kum kum on my third eye and Kajal on my other eyes...... sigh...... and I miss people so much. I miss grass in my toes and dancing on dance floors. But there is peace. And there is learning. That is there.... I have certainly grown. [sic]" All pictures/Monica Dogra's social media account

  • Monica Dogra

    Sharing a pretty throwback photo from the sea, Monica Dogra wrote how beautiful memories are and how it can create a huge positive impact on anyone during such difficult days. A collection of some really really beautiful moments with people who light up my life. Thank you for the memories. Feels like we are doing a lot of recalling the past these days... for me, the process is deeeeeply healing. I practice gratitude for all the moments that I have lived in the radiance of those I am privileged to love and be loved by! [sic]"

  • Monica Dogra

    Also performing yoga to keep herself healthy and energetic, Monica Dogra wrote, "What does a yogi look like? What is yog... for me, the practice of being in love... resting in love... because I’ve tasted the inspiration once or twice of being in such ecstatic flow states... and once you’ve touched that state, you begin to want to perpetually live in that state... to become that state... the embodiment. [sic]"

  • Monica Dogra

    Hot nights in #palmsprings when the cycle matched my summer dress. So happy that ignorance is no longer bliss anymore. So happy that people...including myself... are waking up to the deeper calling of working towards the collective instead of only focused on individual progress. We’re realizing so much as we weep for what has come to pass....I’ve noticed that in the process of healing you can not bypass what has come to pass and just move on.

  • Monica Dogra

    Sharing a picture in a saree, Monica Dogra posed with utmost panache in this one! "Finding deep states. Wearing the art of the incredible @payalsinghal. Photos by @Farhat.sikder [sic]"

  • Monica Dogra

    And sometimes, all you need is some support from your girl gang! "Sometimes that's all you need my love - another woman's faith in you... #joymccullough #bloodwaterpaint [sic]"

  • Monica Dogra

    Monica Dogra shared a slow-motion video of her dancing like nobody's watching! "Dancing out my feelings. Often, what I process intellectually hasn’t fully integrated through my blooming heart. Family has been stressful, travelling during a pandemic has been stressful, not knowing when I’m going to work again has been stressful.... having no idea what life is going to look like has been actually pretty wonderful. [sic]"

  • Monica Dogra

    Monica Dogra's latest post had a sweet food video which will inspire you to cook something as well. "VEGAN - No Onion No Garlic cooking So tasty you won’t even believe it. Family friend and rising #toronto based chef superstar @chefdevan took up my challenge to teach me how to cook a tasty dish without onion or garlic. Believe it or not my friends, it was SO FRICKIN GOOD. You’ll see I’m not faking it at the end of the video. I love food. Who doesn’t? Also, check out my eternal intimacy with #moths ... I am definitely feeling kissed by these symbols these days! It’s nuts! All my love to you guys. Definitely try this at home. [sic]"

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