Mumbai Marathon 2020: People who made a statement with their costumes

Updated: Jan 20, 2020, 09:13 | Sherlin Rajan
  • Mumbai Marathon 2020

    Differently-abled activists, one of them dressed as cricketers and another as a basketball player, display their message through a banner behind them.

  • Mumbai Marathon 2020

    School children were dressed as trees to give out the message of planting more trees at the event.

  • Mumbai Marathon 2020

    A man shows a message of secularism through his tricoloured placard.

  • Mumbai Marathon 2020

    A senior citizen, dressed in the colours of the Indian tricolour does a headstand at the starting point of the marathon outside the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus station.

  • Mumbai Marathon 2020

    A group of girls in costumes that indicate gender equality hold placards and raise slogans at the event.

  • Mumbai Marathon 2020

    An activist dressed as a mascot supporting an educational cause for underprivileged children at the venue with a group of children holding placards.

  • Mumbai Marathon 2020

    A man wearing scrubs holds a placard urging people to donate blood.

  • Mumbai Marathon 2020

    Activists who appear to be affiliated to the 'Save Electricity' campaign display their cause.

  • Mumbai Marathon 2020

    A runner dressed as a clown on a unicycle entertains onlookers at the marathon.

  • Mumbai Marathon 2020

    A group of men dressed in sherwanis and turbans with her hands cuffed highlight a humanitarian cause they have pledged their support for at the marathon.

  • Mumbai Marathon 2020

    A group of performers enthrall onlookers with a traditional dance at the one of the venues of the marathon

  • Mumbai Marathon 2020

    A group of environmental activists in their attempt to highlight the pressing issue of climate through their costume at the marathon.

  • Mumbai Marathon 2020

    A runner in a clown costume entertains the crowd at the annual event. 

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About The Gallery

The Mumbai Marathon is not just about running and winning the race. It is also about educating the people about the various humanitarian causes that are supported by the runners. And costumes are one of the ways to educate and spread messages about the causes for the marathon. This year too, there was no dearth of colourful costumes and impactful placards displayed at the starting line of the marathon. Here are some costumes that spoke volumes about the causes supported for the marathon this year. (All Photos/ Shadab Khan)