Mumbai rains: 10 yummy pakoras to enjoy during monsoon

Updated: 25 July, 2017 14:12 IST
  • Mumbai rains: 10 yummy pakoras to enjoy during monsoon

    Aalo pakora: What is monsoon without a cup of hot tea and a plate of crispy aalo pakoras? The traditional Indian snack becomes the showstopper during the monsoon season. The best part is preparing aalo pakora needs no expertise. On top of that, it can be made with basic ingredients available in the kitchen. These are deep fried, so can take a toil on your weight loss regime. But who cares, when the weather is perfect to binge on some crispy snacks and tap to the rhythm of raindrops. Pair this easy-to-make snack with corriander chutney or tomato sauce for a better experience.

  • Mumbai rains: 10 yummy pakoras to enjoy during monsoon

    Bread pakora: In spite of being the staple food of the north, bread pakora became a hot favourite amongst Mumbaikars. The sight of street food stalls preparing bread pakora is a common one, especially during monsoon. It is cooked using bread slices, mashed potato, flour, green chillies, and spices. Crunchy from outside and soft from inside, bread pakora is a delectable monsoon snack that we Indians simply cannot resist. A cup of ginger tea when accompanied with a plate of deep fried bread pakoras, results in a heavenly monsoon munching experience.

  • Mumbai rains: 10 yummy pakoras to enjoy during monsoon

    Chicken Pakora: From torrential rains to drizzle, and from dark clouds to sunkissed sky, Mumbai monsoon surprises the city with its myraid faces. Temperature drops, weather cools down, and sky turns grey to create a beautiful mileu of nature. And with the arrival of the pleasant climate, begins our craving for pakoras. One such pakora that turns your monsoon munching a funfilled affair is chicken pakora. All it needs is mashed chicken, gran flour, green chillies, spices, lime juice, and corriander leaves. The deep fried chicken pakoras are savoured best with green chutney and ginger tea.

  • Mumbai rains: 10 yummy pakoras to enjoy during monsoon

    Fish pakora: Yet another popular snack in North India, fish pakora is a delicacy even in Mumbai. Being a coastal city, Mumbai is the hub of sea food. Though fish pakoras are available throghout the year, yet monsoon is the best time to binge on this non-vegetarian snack. Crispy from outside and tender from inside, fish pakora is a must have during Mumbai monsoon. Ensure that the snack is prepared using boneless fish.

  • Mumbai rains: 10 yummy pakoras to enjoy during monsoon

    Gobi pakora: This is every vegetarian's favourite dish. It is made from cauliflower pieces, gram flour, salt, red chilli powder, and corriander powder. Apart from eating gobi pakora as an evening snack, it can also be paired with daal rice during the rains. Before making this delectable not-a-messy starter, ensure that the cauliflower is washed in luke warm water.

  • Mumbai rains: 10 yummy pakoras to enjoy during monsoon

    Mirchi pakora: Here comes every Indian's favourite pakora. Big green chillies are coated with a gram flour batter and deep fried to make this tempting snack. Monsoon is the best time to indulge in some spicy crispy pakoras. Therefore, mirchi pakora is the perfect addition to the monsoon menu. Especially, when you are in Mumbai and watching the spell everyday, then your diet chart should include mirchi pakoras served with tomato sauce.

  • Mumbai rains: 10 yummy pakoras to enjoy during monsoon

    Moong daal pakora: Monsoon is the best time to treat your tongue with an array of hot and crispy snacks. The meal turns fabulous when lots of spices and dollops of different chutneys are added to it. Moong daal pakora is a popualr street food of Mumbai. It is made with mashed moong daal (lentils), gram flour, chopped spinach, and spices. For a change moong daal pakora is served with garlic chutney and not the typical green chutney. Pair it with masala chai and enjoy the magical sight of Mumbai rains.

  • Mumbai rains: 10 yummy pakoras to enjoy during monsoon

    Onion pakora: Popularly called as 'kanda bhaji', this is a staple food of Mumbaikars. It is a great starter and a delicious snack that the city indulges in especially during the monsoon season. Also, many eateries include 'kanda bhaji' in their menu as a monsoon speciality. It can also be made easily at home. chopped onions, gram flour batter, chopped green chillies, red chilli powder, and salt, are the basic ingredients of onion pakora.

  • Mumbai rains: 10 yummy pakoras to enjoy during monsoon

    Paneer pakora: This is one of the preferred vegetarian pakoras that can be enjoyed during any season of the year. However, monsoon comes with a craving for pakoras and paneer pakora is prepared more often as compared to the rest of the season. Sliced paneer, gram flour, chopped green chillies, ginger-garlic paste, and spices are required to make this tasty snack. It can either be served as an evening dish or a starter. Also, the quick-to-make yummy pakora can also be served to guests.

  • Mumbai rains: 10 yummy pakoras to enjoy during monsoon

    Spinach pakora: Mumbai never falls short of 'saag' and spinach is readily available everywhere. All you need to do is chop the spinach, pou them into a thick batter amde from gram flour and spices, and deep fry thereafter. Serve with a chutney of choice and a cup of hot masala tea. While it rains outside, you can laze on your cozy couch and enjoy a plate of spinach pakora. 

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