Nehha Pendse-Shardul Bayas wedding: 15 photos from the grand Maharashtrian ceremony

Updated: Jan 09, 2020, 09:53 | Nikita Sawant
  • Nehha Pendse, Shardul Singh Bayas

    Nehha Pendse, now Pendse Bayas, known for her stints in popular TV shows Bigg Boss and May I Come In Madam, and films like Daag: The Fire, Devdas, and Natsamrat, got hitched with beau Shardul Singh Bayas on January 5, 2020. The Sangeet ceremony took place on January 3, while the Mehendi and engagement happened the next day. The actress and her family also performed a grahmukh pooja prior to the nuptials. (All pictures/Nehha Pendse, Shruti Marathe's Instagram accounts)

  • Nehha Pendse, Shardul Singh Bayas

    Talking about the Sangeet ceremony, Nehha said, "Shardul and I are colour coordinated. We have a very colourful theme for sangeet so I am wearing an outfit from Papa Don't Preach as they are known for their splash of colours. It is a very colourful lehenga choli."

  • Nehha Pendse, Shardul Singh Bayas

    Being a true-blue Maharashtrian, Nehha tied the knot in a grand Marathi ceremony. She said, "Though Shardul is a Rajput from Rajasthan, his family moved to Pune long ago. Today, he is as much a Maharashtrian as me. So, we are going to have a Maharashtrian wedding."

  • Nehha Pendse

    Doesn't the actress look stunning in her jewel green engagement gown? Apparently, green is Shardul's favourite colour, and so, the gown was specifically chosen by him. Cute, don't you think so?

  • Nehha Pendse, Shardul Singh Bayas

    Nehha Pendse and Shardul Singh Bayas pictured here during the 'Varmala' ceremony. How happy and excited does Nehha look here! 

  • Nehha Pendse, Shardul Singh Bayas

    "My wedding outfit is going to be a traditional Marathi Nauvari sari. Usually, Nauvari saris are bright in colours and Maharashtrian trousseau is known for bright colours, but I am doing something different," Nehha had said in an interview. 

  • Nehha Pendse, Shardul Singh Bayas

    The actress looked ethereal in a baby pink Nauvari sari, while Shardul shone in a cream coloured traditional wedding outfit. Nehha opted for traditional wedding jewellery including the very Maharashtrian green glass bangles and 'nath' (nose ring).

  • Nehha Pendse

    Aww! We can't get over how gorgeous Nehha looks in this photo! The actress couldn't keep from smiling on her big day. In fact, from the videos that went viral on the internet, the lovely bride was singing and dancing the whole time.

  • Nehha Pendse

    Nehha looks quite regal in this photo, doesn't she? Talking about how both she and Shardul were serious about settling down, Nehha had said in an interview, "Both of us had burnt our fingers in love once and didn't want to get into that space again. Also, we were serious about the institution of marriage. In fact, we hardly had mushy, romantic talks initially, we would instead have intelligent conversations."

  • Nehha Pendse

    She further said, "And that drew me closer to him. There is never a moment of boredom with Shardul. He is exactly what I wanted in my man. I guess this (marriage) was meant to happen."

  • Nehha Pendse, Shardul Singh Bayas

    For the reception, Nehha chose a Swapnil Shinde outfit in an electric blue colour, which was heavily embellished with a long trail. Shardul looked dapper in a simple yet stylish black suit.

  • Nehha Pendse, Shardul Singh Bayas

    Apparently, the couple won't be going for a honeymoon anytime soon. Nehha says that they will get busy with work for a while, and leave for a Japan holiday in April.

  • Nehha Pendse, Shardul Singh Bayas

    According to a report in IANS, Nehha shared, "I am so happy to be in this phase. I am marrying the man of my dreams and entering a new and amazing family. They are beautiful humans and I can't wait to start my life there."

  • Nehha Pendse, Shruti Marathe, Hemangi Kavi

    Talking about how she had no wedding jitters, Nehha said that she has been as cool and comfortable as she could be because she was surrounded by the people closest to her. And if she goofed up, it would still be okay.

  • Nehha Pendse, Shruti Marathe, Hemangi Kavi

    We wish Nehha Pendse and Shardul Singh Bayas a happy married life!

    Pictured: Nehha with her friends Shruti Marathe, Hemangii Kavi, Abhijeet Khandkekar, Sanskruti Balgude, and Disha Danade.

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