Nimrat Kaur's Lockdown Diaries: From Homeland finale party to early morning yoga sessions

Updated: May 21, 2020, 07:07 | Nandish
  • Nimrat Kaur tries the #SafehandsChallenge

    Nimrat Kaur has been keeping herself busy amid the lockdown imposed by the government to curb the COVID-19 pandemic. She has been active on her Instagram sharing posts about her show Homeland, doing yoga among other things. She shared this video of her taking up the #SafehandsChallenge and wrote, "Very happy to take up @drtedros’ @who #SafehandsChallenge. Time to relearn this simple activity we were taught as kids and get it super right at this point! I did a bare minimum of a 20 second thorough wash and made sure that I used only the absolutely necessary amount of water required. Let’s #BeatCovid19 together and be super responsible with our personal hygiene for us and all our loved ones!! Take this up. Spread the information far and wide. NOW. [sic]"

  • Nimrat Kaur's grand mother takes part in Janata Curfew

    Nimrat Kaur is in Mumbai right now, she shared videos of her grandmother and mother taking part in Janata Curfew and wrote, "My grandmother and my mother from back home. All of us. In this together. Salutations and the utmost gratitude to every super hero fighting this battle for us despite risking their health and safety. Big respect and love forever. Only a matter of time!! #IndiaFightsCorona #JantaCurfew #AloneTogether [sic]"

  • Nimrat Kaur at her residence during lockdown

    Nimrat Kaur also has been sharing videos of her talking about being alone during quarantine and how staying positive is the need of the hour. She shared a video and wrote, "A long way, one step a day. Sharing some disjointed thoughts coming out of a spell of so much despair all around us, humans around the world suffering, dying by the thousands everyday. For many without much hope ahead, or food on the table, or a roof over their head. I’m deeply blessed and fortunate to have the problems I have to face. But significant personal battles they are, and here’s sharing a page from my early morning, post skipping session mind. Keeping it real. Keeping sane. #CoronaChronicles #StayHome #Kaurantined [sic]."

  • Nimrat Kaur does Yoga during lockdown

    Nimrat Kaur shared this appreciation post for her trainer with photo of her after a Yoga session and wrote, "@anshukayoga this is a mush post for you. I did 108 surya namaskaars this morning and had a major gush of love remembering how you had me get there for my first time, among so many other things. Carrying your energy and silky voice in my practice, sadly not on zoom, but a hundred percent zoomed in!! (PS- Guys taking body selfies post practise is an additional arm workout.) #CoronaChronicles #StayHome #Kaurantined [sic]."

  • Nimrat Kaur takes part in PM Modi's #9pm9Minute initiative

    She even took part in PM Modi's #9pm9Minute initiative to show gratitude to the COVID-19 heroes. She shared a photo of two diyas and wrote, "Dedicating tonight’s prayers to all our daredevil, selfless frontline soldiers disguised as health and medical professionals and every single essential services worker. To all those who’re struggling with Covid 19 and the unfortunate ones who succumbed to it. And lastly to all the incredible people who’re feeding and nurturing those in need, including our stray and abandoned four legged companions. Hope our prayers and gratitude echo in an eternity tonight and always. #OneNationOneLight #9Bajey9Minute #IndiaFightsCorona #TogetherAlone #CoronaChronicles #StayHome #Kaurantined [sic]."

  • Nimrat Kaur Earth Day post

    On the Earth Day, Nimrat shared this photo of her taking a dip in a pond in the 'middle of nowhere'! She captioned the image, "No where better to be at than each place in the middle of nowhere anywhere on earth... #TeleportMeBack #EarthDay #50Years @earthdaynetwork [sic]"

  • Nimrat Kaur and other cast celebrate Homeland season 8 finale

    Nimrat Kaur has also been sharing a lot of post on her show Homeland season 8. She shared this photo of a celebration post the airing of finale episode and captioned it: "There's no short version of how damn fortunate and overwhelmed I feel being a participant of this slate. Stalwarts in the business of art and entertainment, but most importantly, some of the most incredibly warm and enriching souls. This is just a small window of the much bigger physically distant celebration we had this morning. Missing all the rest my screen couldn't fit in, but my heart has forever. As @sho_homeland aired it's last ever episode worldwide today; one of the most epic, defining eras of espionage genre came to a bittersweet but massively proud end. Big love and thanks to every single fan and lover of Homeland for swamping us with your adoration for the Season Finale today. So fortunate and thrilled, never knew it'd be so crazy amazing to be loved this much for being such a bad girl!! And now it's time to binge watch yayyyyy!!! [sic]"

  • Nimrat Kaur all dressed up during lockdown

    Nimrat Kaur shared this photo of her all dressed up to go nowhere amid the lockdown and wrote, "1. What day is it today? 2. Not jhaadoo-pocha day. #Kaurantined #LockdownLife #StayHome #CoronaChronicles # [sic]" 

  • Nimrat Kaur does Yoga during lockdown

    Nimrat Kaur shared this photo of her post a Yoga session and wrote, "An early morning yoga session is a thing. And a selfie after, is everything. #Kaurantined #CoronaChronicles #StayHome #HorizontalHairIsBest #LockdownLife [sic]"

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