12 oh-so-romantic pictures of Monali Thakur with husband Maik Richter

Updated: Jun 18, 2020, 11:56 | Nikita Wagh
  • Monali Thakur, Maik Richter

    National Award-winning singer Monali Thakur took everyone by surprise when she announced her wedding with her longtime boyfriend Maik Richter. Monali kept the secret for a good three years. Yes, Monali Thakur married her Switzerland-based boyfriend Maik Richter in 2017! (All pictures/Monali Thakur's official Instagram account)

  • Monali Thakur, Maik Richter

    Well, before we jump on to the reason why Monali kept her marital status a secret, let us first tell you about their love story. Monali was on a vacation, and little did she know that her Europe trip is going to turn into a romantic adventure.

  • Monali Thakur, Maik Richter

    Monali Thakur met Maik Richter, a sports enthusiast and restaurateur, during her trip to Switzerland in 2016. The duo clicked instantly.

  • Monali Thakur, Maik Richter

    Monali Thakur, who was on a girls' trip, had booked their accommodation online and Maik was the host. Interestingly, Maik's boarding facility was booked, but he was sweet enough to host Monali and her friends at his home.

  • Monali Thakur, Maik Richter

    Maik Richter gave Monali and her gang the bedrooms too and slept on the couch. Well, who wouldn't fall for such a guy, in this case? Needless to say, Maik's sweet gesture impressed Monali instantly. In fact, not just him, Monali made a connection with his family, too.

  • Monali Thakur, Maik Richter

    And one fine day, on a freezing Christmas eve in 2016, Maik Richter proposed to Monali Thakur at the exact spot where they had met for the first time, under a tree. It was an instant yes from Monali.

  • Monali Thakur, Maik Richter

    "My Love! I am one of the luckiest girls on earth to have found such a beautiful person like you as the Lou of My Life... I wish there were more people like you on this planet..!! For the first time in my life am shamelessly and as cheesy-ly as possible, writing like this in a public account!... Only because I feel like celebrating us all the time... I Lou You!!! Muchosss," wrote Monali Thakur on social media.

  • Monali Thakur, Maik Richter

    Coming to the reason why they had to hide their marriage for three years, Monali Thakur said that they did not have a conventional wedding and the couple had been looking for an appropriate occasion to get married publicly.

  • Monali Thakur, Maik Richter

    Their marriage has not only come as a shock to her fans but none of her industry friends were aware or invited. Beat that! But, well, Monali and Maik are planning to have their wedding ceremony surely. "I know I will be abused a lot but I think when we have our wedding ceremony and invite people for the celebrations, they won't be upset anymore," said Monali in a recent interview.

  • Monali Thakur, Maik Richter

    It's been almost three and half years, and the couple has managed to keep the spark alive in their long-distance relationship. Monali Thakur keeps visiting Europe to meet him, and her Instagram page over the last two years is proof enough. Maik too comes to India and accompanies the singer to all her gigs.

  • Monali Thakur, Maik Richter

    Monali Thakur and Maik Richter have now collaborated for a single called Dil Ka Fitoor. The song has been shot in the breathtaking locales of Switzerland. The couple's sweet chemistry is very much evident in the song video.

  • Monali Thakur, Maik Richter

    How cute is Monali Thakur-Maik Richter's love story! Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.

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Singer Monali Thakur recently took everyone by surprise when she revealed her marriage with long time beau Maik Richter. The singer-actress's latest music video Dil ka Fitoor features her husband with her and has already become one of the most popular romantic numbers of the season on YouTube. A look at the singer's love story in pictures.