Pernia Qureshi's best vacation photos that will give you travel goals

Updated: Jan 22, 2020, 08:55 | Sherlin Rajan
  • Pernia Qureshi

    Fashion designer and entrepreneur Pernia Qureshi travels quite a lot and records her experiences on her Instagram account. Here, she hangs out with her girl gang in Singapore. 

  • Pernia Qureshi

    Qureshi also showcases her travels to places where she organises shows for her e-commercial website, Pernia's pop-up shop. In this picture, she is seen giving wanderlust at a palace in Pushkar, Rajasthan.

  • Pernia Qureshi

    Here, she visits Khwaja Garib Nawaz Dargah in Ajmer, Rajasthan. She captions this picture as, "My magical Khwaja Sahib (sic)."

  • Pernia Qureshi

    In this picture, she attends the famous Pushkar Mela, which is a cultural festival of the Rajasthani town with her husband Sahil Gilani.

  • Pernia Qureshi

    She shows off the beautiful landscape of Kenyan capital Nairobi with this caption, "coming or going? #beautifulnairobi #nofilter"

  • Pernia Qureshi

    In one of her escapades to Singapore, Pernia stops by the popular Maxwell Food Centre for some noodles.

  • Pernia Qureshi

    During her bachelorette trip to Mexico, she takes a raft trip at Tulum beach. She captions, "The most beautiful excursion to the cenotes in Tulum thanks to @airbnb. #girlstriponairbnb #airbnbexperiences"

  • Pernia Qureshi

    Pernia shows on her tasseled jacket during one of her trips to Dubai.

  • Pernia Qureshi

    In this picture taken in Little India, Singapore, she captions, "Home away from home in Singapore."

  • Pernia Qureshi

    While in Amritsar, one makes it a point to visit the Golden Temple. She captions, "It only gets more breathtaking every time."

  • Pernia Qureshi

    She poses with a friend amidst the hills of Dehradun. 

  • Pernia Qureshi

    Pernia hangs out with her sister Sylvia Moin near the Dal Lake in Kashmir. 

  • Pernia Qureshi

    In Srinagar, she poses with poise amidst the Kashmir valley. 

  • Pernia Qureshi

    She gives summer vibe at a beach in Maldives. She captions, "Sunkissed..."

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About The Gallery

Pernia Qureshi is a fashion designer, an entrepreneur, a Kuchipudi dancer, but did you know that she is an avid traveller? She travels quite often to exotic places and never shies away from giving travel goals through the photos on her Instagram account.

(All pictures: Pernia Qureshi/Instagram)