Photos: How cops cracked the mystery of body in suitcase at LTT

Updated: Apr 10, 2017, 14:11
  • Photos: How cops cracked the mystery of body in suitcase at LTT
    The body of a boy was found wrapped in a saree in an open suitcase on January 8. It was noticed by a resident who alerted the cops. Tilak Nagar Police registered Accidental Death Report (ADR) and sent the body for a post-mortem. Sunil Gupta, a resident of a nearby chawl, told mid-day, “I was going to relieve myself when I found a big travelling suitcase lying open. When I went close to it I saw a dead body inside. I called the police control room on 100, they reached within few minutes.”
  • Photos: How cops cracked the mystery of body in suitcase at LTT
    In the aftermath of the body being discovered, cops obtained CCTV footage in which a man is seen at a platform with the red suitcase in which the body was dumped. According to reports, investigating officers hadn’t found any footage of the person coming into the station platform. This led them to suspect that the man could have come from across the tracks, where the Sable Nagar slums exist. The post-mortem report of the victim stated that the victim died due to asphyxia, which means he may have been throttled to death
  • Photos: How cops cracked the mystery of body in suitcase at LTT
    Three weeks after the child's body was found in a suitcase near Lokmanya Tilak Terminus, the police nabbed a suspect Ramesh Sakat, who was caught on a CCTV dragging the same bag at the station. The police held him from MP. The police found a CCTV installed nearby that had captured the suspect dragging the same suitcase around 7 pm the evening it was discovered. The police went to his residence in Mankhurd and found that he had left the place, so they went to his hometown in MP and apprehended him
  • Photos: How cops cracked the mystery of body in suitcase at LTT
    The suspect, on interrogation, told the cops that he had picked the bag, as it was unattended, and was hoping to find some valuables inside the red suitcase. According to reports, when the loader opened the suitcase, he found the boy's body. Shocked and scared, he abandoned the suitcase. On being proved why he left for his native place in Madhya Pradesh immediately, the loader, whose name has been withheld, claimed that he did not run away. He had actually planned that he would go to his house in MP before the shocking indent
  • Photos: How cops cracked the mystery of body in suitcase at LTT
    Since the suspect hasn’t confessed to the crime, cops are now seeking permission for a brain-mapping test. Ramesh Sakat’s lawyer has claimed the accused is mentally imbalanced, and has alleged that the police have booked him without evidence. “Cops have booked Ramesh Sakat without any evidence. The person seen on CCTV looks just like Ramesh. But till now, police haven’t successfully proved the offence or produced any evidence,” said his lawyer Subodh Bhosale
  • Photos: How cops cracked the mystery of body in suitcase at LTT
    On February 16, cops are said to have zeroed in on the two suspects. The development took place after the police scrutinised some CCTV cameras installed at bag shops in Mumbai. According to cops, the suspects were captured on CCTV footage of a shop in Borivali as they were purchasing the red trolley bag, in which the body was found. The police suspect that the two bought the bag after murdering the boy, and then stuffed the body inside before dumping it at the Lokmanya Tilak Terminus
  • Photos: How cops cracked the mystery of body in suitcase at LTT
    On March 27, it was reported that Tilak Nagar cops detained a zari worker from Kurar, suspecting him to be the killer. Police sources said that the detainee was seen in CCTV footage recovered for the investigation. Cops were on the lookout for a second suspect, who was also seen in the footage and is believed to have aided the detainee. The arrested suspect is a native of Jharkhand and has been working in a zari unit in Kurar village. The other suspect also works as a supervisor there. A cop said, "Though the exact motive is unclear, it seems that the incident took place during a fight between the two suspects. It may have happened accidentally."
  • Photos: How cops cracked the mystery of body in suitcase at LTT
    The case was finally cracked when cops revealed that the boy was smothered to death by the son of an imitation jewellery unit owner in Kurar village, Malad, where he was employed, during an argument on January 7. The killer then allegedly got his family involved in covering up the crime, and abandoned the boy's body in a suitcase at LTT. After finding no concrete lead, an anonymous caller pointed them in the direction of Kurar village, from where they picked up the killer and five accomplices. The police said the boy moved from his home in Bihar, to Mumbai six months to support his family. He found a job at an imitation jewellery unit in Kurar. But he kept taking ill, and refused food and work. On January 7, Ranvijay Sahani (20) (In Picture), the son of the unit owner, allegedly chided him over this. The reprimand soon grew into an argument, and Ranvijay allegedly covered the child's mouth with his hand to silence him. Unable to breathe, Randhir fell unconscious. Ranvijay left, allegedly assuming that the boy had fallen asleep, but he had died
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