Photos: These 10 dishes prove Mahim Khau Gali is perfect for Bakri Eid feast
Sep 02, 2017, 05:59 IST
Dates: Imported from Saudi Arabia, dates at Afzal Farzaan Centre tastes totally different from those available in local grocery stores. These not only looks fresh, but tastes fresh too. Prices of dates range from a nominal Rs. 100 per kg to Rs. 1000 per kg. Light brown to dark brown, mustard to black, dates of all forms and varieties can be savoured at this shop. And,, what is Eid without dates?

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These photos prove that Mahim Khau Gali is a perfect place to drop in for a fantabulous feast on the eve of Bakri Eid. From imported dates to falooda, this narrow alley in Mahim has everything a Mumbai foodie is looking for. Take a look...