These 8 eateries prove that Bombay lives on in Mumbai

Updated: 13 April, 2019 13:06 IST
  • These 8 eateries prove that Bombay lives on in Mumbai

    Leopold Cafe: Mumbai shares a quintessential bond with the Colaba based Leopold Cafe. It is one of Mumbai's oldest eateries that serve sumptuous and delicious Chinese, Continental and Indian meals. Its finely crafted drink menu too gives a high. From locals to foreign tourists, Leopold Cafe is a stopover for all who loves to enjoy good food over good music amidst an old-world setting. Also, the cafe was one of the first sites attacked during the November 2008 Mumbai attacks. The walls of Leopold Cafe still carry the bullet marks of the attack. What to order: Mediterranean Prawns, Chicken Omelette, Leopold Special Veg Pasta Penne Vodka Prawns, and Pomfret Curry Rice

  • These 8 eateries prove that Bombay lives on in Mumbai

    Cafe Mondegar: It is one of the first and most iconic Mumbai cafes that take you back to the bygone era. Its retro decor, quirky look, and wall caricatures can hardly be seen in any other eateries. Started in 1932 as an Irani Cafe, Cafe Mondegar is until date a celebrated name in the list of Mumbai restaurants. The place is a bit clumsy and you may have to wait to get a table. From imported wines to domestic beer, and from local delicacies to continental fare, the cafe is a one stop destination for people who wish to revisit the past over over good food and drinks. What to order: Chicken Steak, Chicken Salt and Pepper, Egg Mayo Sandwich, Non-veg club grilled sandwich

  • These 8 eateries prove that Bombay lives on in Mumbai

    Prithvi Cafe: You simply cannot miss out this legendary Mumbai cafe if you visit Prithvi theatre. The outdoor garden cafe with hanging lanterns, tall trees, low height tables, and bamboo boundaries is a little abode that offers tranquillity from the maddening crowd. The cafe is always bustling with people and the management does not accept prior seat reservation. If you do not get a proper table, sit on the benches bordering the tea branches. After all, that is the charm of dining at Prithvi cafe! Tasty and pocket-friendly food, delicious drinks, colourful ambience, and happening crowd will make your visit to Prithvi Cafe an affair to remember forever. What to order: Cafe Mocha, Irish Coffee, Aloo Parantha, Cheese Chilli Parantha, Choco Chip muffin, Banoffee Waffles, Chicken Chilli Croissant

  • These 8 eateries prove that Bombay lives on in Mumbai

    Cafe at The NCPA: Very similar to Juhu's Prithvi Cafe is Nariman Point's NCPA Cafe. An array of tall trees, bright lighting, cosy outdoor seating, and green paddy walkway make your dining experience a heavenly affair. Cool sea breeze of the Arabian Ocean here will only increase your hunger. The all-day cafe overlooking the sea provides a peaceful cultural outlet to get away from the bustling crowd. Apart from American and Asian delicacies, Cafe at the NCPA also serves authentic and delectable Parsi food. What to order: Chicken Dim Sum, Prawn and Chive Dim Sum, Chicken Dhansak with Brown Rice, Makhani Chooze Chicken, All Berry Bang smoothie, Tropical Storm smoothie

  • These 8 eateries prove that Bombay lives on in Mumbai

    Britannia and Co: This legendary cafe was synonymous with Bombay and now with Mumbai. It is one of he few Mumbai eateries that has withstood the tides of time and maintained the city's association with Parsi food. Opened in 1923, Britannia & Co. is still whipping up good food and serving foodies in Mumbai. This is one of the oldest and finest Mumbai restaurants located in SoBo's Fort area. If you are not acquainted with 'Bombay', then drop in here to relish Parsi flavours. What to order: Mutton Berry Pulav, Chicken Berry Pulav, Mutton Dhansak, Sali Boti , Caramel Custard

  • These 8 eateries prove that Bombay lives on in Mumbai

    Sassanian And Co: A Parsi food trail at Marine Dive in Mumbai is incomplete without a check-in at the more than 100-year-old Sassanian And Co. Round and square tables, chequered floors, wooden and mirrored walls and an all-pervading old-world charm of this celebrated restaurant will take you to back to when the city was Bombay. The tried and tasted Parsi food starting from appetizers to desserts narrate the tale of Mumbai's culinary journey. What to order: Chicken Shashlik Sizzler, Mawa Cake, Bun Maska, Kheema Pao, Mutton Keema Gotala , Chicken Roast

  • These 8 eateries prove that Bombay lives on in Mumbai

    Hotel Ramashray: If the Parsis and Iranis contributed to the foodie map with their unique cafes, a section of the south Indian population supplied the Udipi, the city's first fast-food joints. Not surprisingly, a majority of the oldest and, by extension, most-loved Udipis can be found in the area that would be known as Mini Madras, a direct reference to the large population of Tamil Brahmins, or Tam-Brahms, living there. Ramashray is an Udipi joint in Matunga that's over 80 years old and is part of Mumbai's history. It's loved by all who enjoy southern comforts of steaming idlis, hot cup of filter coffees and delicious dosas. It opens its doors at 5 am and is so popular that getting a place is a struggle. The menu is written on a chalkboard where tkhe daily specials are mentioned. What to Order: Mysore Sada, Rasam Vada, Upma Podi, Idli Podi, Kadi Idli, Flavoured Sheeras

  • These 8 eateries prove that Bombay lives on in Mumbai

    Pancham Puriwala: Even before the first train chugged out of Victoria Terminus (now Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus) in 1853, Panchamdas Sharma, who had arrived from Agra, set up a tiny joint selling piping hot Puris with Aloo Bhaji. Over the years, it grew into a restaurant serving the most authentic UP-style Puri Bhaji and Masala Puri at modest prices. This joint is now thus over 160 years old. Now, Pancham Puriwala, CST's landmark restaurant, wears a renovated look to keep up with the times. The menu, however, still includes familiar favourites -- Puri Bhaji and Masala Puri. What to order - Aloo Bhopla, Masala Puri, Puri Bhaji, Puris with Aloo Bhaji

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The foodie map of Mumbai is dotted with many unique eateries that are over or close to 100 years old. Here is a list of eight such Mumbai joints that prove that Bombay still lives on in Mumbai...

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