Did you know Prithvi Shaw has been playing cricket with 9 fingers all his life?

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  • Prithvi Shaw

    Prithvi Shaw recently revealed in an interview that he lost his finger at age 6. Shaw said, "My finger came in the door when I was six, and it got cut. It is slightly difficult in a way because the last finger doesn't fit in the wicket-keeping gloves. So I tape it down the gloves so that it stays jointed. I don't know how it would've been if I had all the fingers, but when I look back, it feels good to represent India as a wicketkeeper with nine fingers."

    Shaw shared this picture with his father and wrote: ONE OF THE BEST PARTNERSHIPS OF MY LIFE @pankajshaw1160 #Dad#godfather

  • Prithvi Shaw

    One of the youngest debutants for India, Prithvi Shaw at the age of 18, became one of the youngest Indians to score a century on his Test debut. He scored 134 against West Indies at Rajkot.

    Prithvi Shaw posted this picture with Sachin Tendulkar and captioned it as, "Thankyou SACHIN SIR for the lovely Dinner. It's always a pleasure meeting you SIR @sachintendulkar SIR"

  • Prithvi Shaw

    Prithvi Shaw impressed one and all with his batting technique when he debuted for India. His cover drives and straight drives have often been compared to a former Mumbai great, Sachin Tendulkar. 

    Prithvi Shaw posted this picture and captioned it as, "When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the Airplane takes off against the wind, not with it."

  • Prithvi Shaw

    Prithvi Shaw's father Pankaj Shaw has been his coach throughout his career and has played an important role in his grooming as one of the biggest batting talents in the country.

    In picture: Prithvi Shaw with father Pankaj

  • Prithvi Shaw

    Not many people know, but Prithvi Shaw lost his mother at the tender age of four. His father Pankaj Shaw has played the role of father and mother to the young lad ever since.

    Prithvi Shaw shared this picture of himself wearing the Indian cricket team jersey, he captioned, “It's time to play for my country again I m ready for it..#Asia#cup#All#set”

  • Prithvi Shaw

    Prithvi Shaw's father (Pankaj Shaw) stayed put at his Juhu residence and was content with watching Prithvi's biggest moment on TV. "I am not going to Rajkot. I prefer being at home," Pankaj told mid-day over the phone before the Test began.

    In picture: Prithvi Shaw with father Pankaj

  • Prithvi Shaw

    Some of Prithvi Shaw's father, Pankaj's friends from Mumbai were present at the stadium to cheer for Prithvi while the nervous father probably remained indoors back home, completely shutting himself off from everything else going on outside when Prithvi Shaw scored his debut century for India, just like he did when Prithvi led India to the U-19 World Cup title.

    Prithvi Shaw has dedicated all his triumphs on the cricket field to his father Pankaj, who has played a major role in coaching the youngster from a tender age.

    In picture: Prithvi Shaw posted this picture with his father. He captioned, “It doesn’t matter what’s in front of him.....as long he knows who’s behind him#myrealhero Dad”

  • Prithvi Shaw

    Prithvi Shaw was born in Virar, Maharasthra. In 2010, Shaw was offered a contract by AAP Entertainment that allowed him and his father to move to Mumbai and continue his cricketing education. He also receives sponsorship from Indian Oil

    In pic: Prithvi Shaw with a friend

  • Prithvi Shaw

    Prithvi Shaw was also the India national under-19 cricket team captain. He played for Middle Income Group (MIG) Cricket Club in Mumbai and was the captain of Rizvi Springfield High School and the Mumbai under-16 team.

    He is a right hand batsman and right-arm off-spin bowler all rounder whose abilities as a cricketing prodigy have led to repeated comparisons with Sachin Tendulkar. Shaw is widely tipped to become a full India international soon

  • Prithvi Shaw

    Prithvi Shaw earned a distinction by scoring a century in his debut match of the Duleep Trophy and equalled the record held by Sachin Tendulkar who had scored for the first time a century each in his debut matches of Ranji Trophy and Duleep Trophy

  • Prithvi Shaw

    Prithvi Shaw made his first-class debut for Mumbai in the semi-finals of the 2016–17 Ranji Trophy on 1 January 2017. He scored a century in the second innings and was man of the match. 

  • Prithvi Shaw

    In December 2017, Prithvi Shaw was named captain of India's squad for the 2018 Under-19 Cricket World Cup. He eventually led India to win the trophy

  • Prithvi Shaw

    Prithvi Shaw was a central figure in the documentary film Beyond All Boundaries and has travelled to England twice to further his cricketing education.

  • Prithvi Shaw

    In November 2013, Prithvi Shaw had set the highest score by any batsman in any organised form of cricket since 1901 when he hit 546 in a Harris Shield elite division match until the record was surpassed by Pranav Dhanawade on 4 January 2016.

    In pic: Prithvi Shaw at Shirdi temple

  • Prithvi Shaw

    Prithvi Shaw earned a deal worth Rs 36 lakh with the brand SG, which has been endorsed by stalwarts like Sunil Gavaskar, Rahul Dravid and Virender Sehwag in the past

  • Prithvi Shaw

    Prithvi Shaw shared this picture with his role model Sachin Tendulkar, he captioned “I still remember those moments those days and talks with sir,which gives me confidence.”

  • Prithvi Shaw

    In picture: U-19 World Cup Cricket Indian team Captain Prithvi Shaw greets Yuva Sena Chief Aditya Thackrey at Matoshree in Mumbai. Shiv Sena Party Chief Uddhav Thackrey is also seen. (Pic/PTI)

  • Prithvi Shaw

    India U-19 coach Rahul Dravid and skipper Prithvi Shaw during a training session ahea dof the U-19 World Cup final against Australia. Pic/ICC

  • Prithvi Shaw

    Prithvi Shaw loves playing snooker while he is not playing cricket, he captioned, “You know my name,Not my story. You've heard what I have done, Not what I have been through.”

  • Prithvi Shaw

    Prithvi Shaw captured in this picture with Indian badminton stalwarts Kidambi Srikanth and PV Sindhu, he captioned, “Don’t have any words for these two legends @srikanth_kidambi and @pvsindhu1 making our country proud and it was a proud moment for me as well to get a award for the emerging cricket of the year.Thanku to @baselineventures for supporting all three of us

  • Prithvi Shaw

    Indian cricket’s future snapped together in one picture, Prithvi Shaw captioned this picture with Rishabh Pant as, “BECAUSE I HAVE A BROTHER I WILL ALWAYS HAVE A FRIEND”

  • Prithvi Shaw

    In good company! Prithvi Shaw with Australian batting legend Ricky Ponting, Shaw captioned, “Cool as cucumber!! when I get to learn from the best in the business #BOSS#delhidaredevils#RICKYPONTING SIR #master of the pullshot# Respect.”

  • Prithvi Shaw

    Prithvi Shaw got this picture clicked with one of his idols Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Prithvi Shaw captioned, “It’s always a greatest feeling standing with legend”

  • Prithvi Shaw

    A lion cub standing in front of a lion, Prithvi Shaw captioned, ““I’m looking in the the Eye of a Lion”

  • Prithvi Shaw

    U-19 India coach Rahul Dravid has played an important role of shaping Prithvi Shaw’s formative years as a cricketer.

    In picture: Rahul Dravid with Prithvi Shaw

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