Remember 2000s WWE babe Lita? She's fit and in shape at age 45

Updated: Apr 14, 2020, 13:56 | Shawn.Dsouza
  • WWE Lita, Lita, WWE

    Lita is a former WWE female superstar and Diva who is one of the most renowned female wrestlers of all time.

  • WWE Lita, Lita, WWE

    Lita, originally known as Amy Dumas, was born April 14, 1975, to Christine and Michael Dumas in Florida, United States.

  • WWE Lita, Lita, WWE

    Lita is a four-time WWE women's champion and has also won the WWE Women's Championship Tournament in 2006.

  • WWE Lita, Lita, WWE

    Lita made her wrestling debut in 1999 with ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) under the name Miss Congeniality. She was trained by Dory Funk Jr., El Dandy, Ricky Santana and Kevin Quinn.

  • WWE Lita, Lita, WWE

    Lita made her WWE debut in February 2000 alongside Essa Rios on Sunday Night Heat.

  • WWE Lita, Lita, WWE

    Lita's claim to fame came when she teamed up with The Hardy Boyz, Jeff and Matt Hardy, to form Team Xtreme.

  • WWE Lita, Lita, WWE

    Lita went on to have a tomboyish image where she would sport low-waist baggy pants and a thong which was visible.

  • WWE Lita, Lita, WWE

    Lita and Trish were the first women to main event Monday Night Raw in July 2000 alongside The Rock and Triple H respectively. Lita was part of the first three Raw main events that featured female superstars.

  • WWE Lita, Lita, WWE

    In August 2000, Lita defeated CEO Vince McMahon's daughter Stephanie McMahon on WWE Raw to win her first-ever women's championship.

  • WWE Lita, Lita, WWE

    In 2003, Lita faced Victoria in the first-ever women's steel cage match in WWE history.

  • WWE Lita, Lita, WWE

    Lita is famously known in the WWE for her storylined affairs with Edge, Matt Hardy and Kane.

  • WWE Lita, Lita, WWE

    In 1999, Lita was in a relationship with WWE superstar Matt Hardy.

  • WWE Lita, Lita, WWE

    In 2005, it came to light that Lita was romantically involved with WWE superstar Edge while she was dating Matt Hardy.

  • WWE Lita, Lita, WWE, Trish Stratus

    Lita and former women's champion Trish Stratus had one of the biggest rivalries in WWE history. Off-screen, Lita and Trish Stratus are best friends and Lita is also godmother to Trish's daughter.

  • WWE Lita, Lita, WWE, Trish Stratus

    In picture: Lita and Trish Stratus with WWE legend Mick Foley

  • WWE Lita, Lita, WWE

    Lita's final WWE match was at Survivor Series in 2006 against Mickey James for the WWE women's title which Lita lost.

  • WWE Lita, Lita, WWE

    In January 2018, Lita made an in-ring return during the women's Royal Rumble at number 5. She eliminated Mandy Rose and Tamina

  • WWE Lita, Lita, WWE

    At WWE Evolution in 2018, Lita made her match return alongside Trish Stratus in a tag-team match against Mickey James and Alicia Fox.

  • WWE Lita, Lita, WWE

    Not many are aware, but Lita also formed a band named The Luchagors in 2006 and they also had an album released in 2007.

  • WWE Lita, Lita, WWE

    Lita has appeared on a few television shows such as Dark Angel, Fear Factor and The Weakest Link's "WWF Superstars Edition."

  • WWE Lita, Lita, WWE

    Lita was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2014 by her friend Trish Stratus.

  • WWE Lita, Lita, WWE, John Cena

    In picture: Lita with 16-time WWE champion John Cena 

  • WWE Lita, Lita, WWE

    In picture: Lita with co-host of WWE Backstage Renee Young

  • WWE Lita, Lita, WWE, Paige

    In picture: Lita with WWE Diva's champion Paige

  • WWE Lita, Lita, WWE, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch

    In picture: Lita with former Raw women's champion Charlotte Flair and former SmackDown women's champion Becky Lynch.

  • WWE Lita, Lita, WWE, Brie Bella, Becky Lynch

    In picture: Lita with Becky Lynch, Alicia Fox and Brie Bella backstage

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