Remember Kisna actress Isha Sharvani? Here's what she is up to

Updated: 29 September, 2020 11:23 IST | Nikita Wagh
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    Born on September 29, 1984, Isha Sharvani's mother Daksha Seth is a renowned dancer and father Devissaro, is an Australian musician, a composer and a photographer, but Indian at heart. Isha's birthplace is Delhi but she grew up in various parts of the country including Vrindavan, Bangalore and Kerala.

  • Isha Sharvani photos

    Isha Sharvani loved dancing since the age of two and as a kid, she would provide regular entertainment on the table tops of Bengali Market in Delhi.

  • Isha Sharvani photos

    Being the daughter of a famous danseuse, Isha Sharvani spent over a decade learning various dance forms at her mother's art school in Kerala. She is trained in traditional forms like Kalaripayattu, Chhau and Kathak.

  • Isha Sharvani photos

    Isha Sharvani belongs to a family deeply rooted in Indian art and culture. Her mother, Daksha Seth, runs a dance gurukul, her father, who was on a Buddhist pilgrimage in the early 80s and had come to Delhi to study Hindustani music from the Dagar Brothers, is a composer, and her brother Tao Issaro is a percussionist.

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    Isha Sharvani was 20 when she was offered Subhash Ghai's film Kisna: The Warrior Poet. Her Bollywood debut indeed was a powerful one, as the actress impressed one and all with her fine dancing. But, that's about it. Isha couldn't taste success in Bollywood after that.

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    "I had never even thought about going into the film industry. After Kisna, I did a few other films but my passion for the stage and the love of performing kept me from exploring my full potential in films and that has been a very conscious choice," said Isha in her blog.

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    Darwaza Bandh Rakho (2006), Rocky: The Rebel (2006), Good Boy, Bad Boy (2007), U, Me aur Hum (2008), Luck by Chance (2009), David (2013) are among the popular films that Isha has been part of.

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    However, Isha Sharvani has been keeping busy with her new dance production Sari along with her brother Tao Issaro. She is also a Yoga trainer and a dance instructor.

  • Isha Sharvani photos

    In February 2020, Isha Sharvani surprised one and all as she made an appearance at a fashion show in Thiruvananthapuram with her four-year-old son Luca.

  • Isha Sharvani photos

    Isha Sharvani is a single mother. A fearlessly independent woman, as Isha calls herself, she is raising her child on her own.

  • Isha Sharvani photos

    Isha Sharvani has been sharing cute pictures with her son on her Instagram page since last year. Clearly, Isha seems to be loving this phase of being a mom.

  • Isha Sharvani photos

    Here's wishing Isha Sharvani a very happy birthday!

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It's actress Isha Sharvani's birthday today. The actress, who rose to fame with her debut movie Kisna: The Warrior Poet, turns 36 on September 29, 2020. On her birthday, we look at her journey so far, along with candid pictures

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